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TOUR4542 - Discover Zone Innovation Tours: Guided group walk-throughs highlight HP strategic innovations
Big Data, Cloud, Mobility, Security, Enterprise Group, Enterprise Services, Printing and Personal Systems, Software, HP IT: Best practices and lessons learned Join us for a guided tour that showcases key innovations that enable the New Style of IT—demonstrating HP’s vision, strategy, and thought leadership. Each tour will illustrate how HP partners and innovates with customers to help you achieve your business goals. When you discover points of interest during your tour, you can return later for more detailed demonstrations and extended conversations. Book your guided innovation tour now, and discover how the newest innovations from HP can support your business.
TK3370 - Chart a successful course through the new world of applications where quality, performance, and velocity drive business success
End-to-end KPI management The new reality of application delivery is a make-or-break proposition for today’s enterprises. Success means transforming enterprise IT and empowering the business while simultaneously ushering in the mobile revolution. No one rivals HP’s expertise when quality, performance, and velocity matter to your business applications—and they matter now more than ever. Whether you work in enterprise IT and you want to give your business an edge, or you operate in a line of business and you are looking for a better way to get your ideas to market, this session offers the insight you need to navigate the new world of applications.   Robert Youngjohns
TK3679 - How mobility is transforming the workplace.
Mobility, Printing and Personal Systems
Business Personal Systems A profound transformation is taking place in the workplace. This transformation has caused significant changes in the dynamics of the workforce—including where people work and how they work. As the workforce becomes increasingly mobile, and BYOD finds it way on to the network, IT decision makers are challenged with more complexity than even before. Attend this session and hear from senior HP executives about how HP is leading this transformation and designing the products IT needs to support the mobile workplace of today and tomorrow.   Enrique Lores
TK4123 - HP and Levi Strauss: Delivering cloud innovations for the perfect pair of blue jeans
Enterprise Group
Networking What if you could provision, configure, and manage your network on the fly? Or move virtual workloads or access applications from the cloud? Today, you can. By architecting the network infrastructure to access the cloud, you can leverage software-defined networking (SDN). With SDN, you can modify your network to align with your cloud application requirements—without spending too much time and resources doing it. Join Bethany Mayer, SVP & GM of HP Networking Business Unit and Network Functions Business, as she highlights the steps you can take to implement an SDN-enabled cloud strategy that will enable you to deliver applications and services in minutes vs. months. Michael Womack, Senior Director Global Infrastructure & Engineering at Levi Strauss & Co., will join Bethany on stage to discuss their partnership. You’ll hear how Levi Strauss leverages cloud innovations to revolutionize the design, quality, and fit to their blue jean customers across the globe.   Bethany Mayer
TK4190 - HP Converged Storage: Say “no” to the status quo and learn why HP is number one in storage
Enterprise Group
Storage Changing nothing risks everything. In 2010, HP made a strategic choice to invest billions of dollars in modern storage architectures better suited for the New Style of IT. Join us at this session to learn why that bet is paying off for thousands of customers worldwide. Discover why HP is leaving legacy storage in the dust. From next-generation federated backup solutions, to performance optimized all-flash arrays, to cost optimized software-defined storage, HP can help you simplify infrastructure, reduce costs, and provide a safe path to the next era of storage. Learn from your peers as they talk about their storage challenges and highlight the key decisions they made which have driven better business outcomes.   David Scott
TK3480 - Innovation in operations: Unleash the power of Big Data in the New Style of IT operations
End-to-end KPI management Join HP Software IT Operations Management leadership for a special session on how HP’s innovations can help you reinvent the IT operations center. You’ll hear about Connected Intelligence—a unique technology that combines the power of Big Data analytics and automation to increase the velocity of delivery, while also optimizing investment. You will learn how other organizations achieve fantastic results in service entrepreneurship, DevOps (and DevOpsSec), and applications performance and analytics. The session will also feature a roundtable with industry experts, where we will talk about achieving world-class IT, and how you can use emerging best practices to get there. If you struggle with managing infrastructure complexity and meeting user expectations and security demands, this session will offer a clear path to bridging these gaps, driving business performance, and managing risk.   Ajay Singh
TK3615 - Printing innovations for the New Style of IT
Printing and Personal Systems
Printing The demand to stay productive 24 / 7 is pushing IT infrastructure to the limit. This expectation of “anytime, anywhere” access to information has initiated a transformational shift in business and user workflows to the “New Style of IT”. Organizations are facing increasing complexities of a mobile workforce, security threats, cost constraints and the need to efficiently manage content. With disruptive new solutions, breakthrough workflow innovations, cost saving print technologies, improved in mobile productivity, enhanced security and industry leading Managed Print Services (MPS), HP is transforming printing and imaging so you can focus on what really matters. Learn about the strategies and solutions you can deploy today for your IT environment to take advantage of the “New Style of IT”. Pradeep Jotwani
TK3586 - Realize your enterprise vision
Enterprise Services It’s not just about IT anymore: It’s about how IT can: • Better connect customers and citizens • Empower employees • Extract more actionable information from data • And generally enable the journey forward. Enterprises can get more from their IT by relying on HP Enterprise Services to advise them on how to build road maps; design and deliver innovative new processes, applications, and infrastructure to enable transformation; manage processes to achieve industry-leading service levels; manage risk; and provide the innovation needed to move forward. HP Enterprise Services accomplishes all this through a set of interconnected practices that bring the best of HP together in solutions that align with our clients’ agendas. Find out how our practices are helping enterprises across various industries to realize their visions and deliver the outcomes that matter by working with HP Enterprise Services.   Eric Harmon
Larry Stack
TK3210 - See the big picture in Big Data
Big Data A customer service call can transform an internal process. The information gleaned from Tweets and “likes” can lead to improved product design. Previously disconnected data can reveal patterns and relationships that enable you to capitalize on important business opportunities. These are examples of the benefits of Big Data—and the time is now to tap into those benefits. Attend this keynote session to hear HP's vision for Big Data and the HAVEn Big Data platform. Listen as HP customers talk about their Big Data success. Learn how HAVEn can place 100 percent of your data behind every business decision.  
TK3969 - Stop looking for the silver bullet: Start thinking like a bad guy
Security In 2013, organizations worldwide spent approximately $46 billion USD on cyber security. Even so, successful breaches increased by 20 percent, and the cost of an individual breach increased by 30 percent. While the security industry looks for silver bullets, criminals are investing more, sharing more, and working harder to access corporate information. Join us at this session to learn how you can change the way you invest in and think about security—from the perspective of your cyber adversaries.   Frank Mong
TK4178 - Transform your business with HP ConvergedSystem plus HP OneView: The automation solution for the only data center infrastructure you will ever need
Enterprise Group
Converged Systems Meet HP ConvergedSystem—a portfolio of systems we affectionately call “Sharks.” Each HP ConvergedSystem is a pre-engineered, pre-integrated purpose-built system, built on a set of repeatable building blocks that are fast, simple, and cloud-compatible. And because ConvergedSystem is wrapped under a single management layer with HP OneView, it is your fastest path to the cloud—whether you use Big Data analytics, virtualization, or mobility to get there. And with a new consumption model that covers everything from ordering to operations, you can deliver the New Style of IT—and free up resources to meet all your business needs—in as few as 20 days. The next-generation data center you’ve been waiting for has arrived. Team #HPSharks is ready. Are you?   Tom Joyce
TK4021 - Understanding Big Data: Go beyond analytics with HP Autonomy
Information Optimization HP Autonomy—the foundation of HP’s information strategy—delivers a complete solution to help you manage and optimize all your data, regardless of type, complexity, or volume. From deciding which assets to keep and which to delete, to developing a business continuity strategy, to implementing policies to meet regulatory requirements, to improving customer interactions and marketing performance, to performing sophisticated analysis on Big Data repositories, HP Autonomy is the go-to partner for many of the world’s largest and most prominent companies. Powered by HP IDOL, HP Autonomy delivers intelligent applications that allow your organization to understand the concepts and context of all information in real time, mitigating risk and identifying opportunity. Join us at this session to learn how HP Autonomy can unlock the value of your company’s data for better insight and greater competitive advantage.   Robert Youngjohns
TK3369 - What enterprise mobility means to you: How HP views this conundrum
Mobility Mobility is more than a technology. Today, mobility is how business gets done. With a little help from HP, you can harness mobility to redefine your operations, increase employee productivity, and find new ways to connect with customers. You can also deliver the agility, security, and manageability your enterprise requires. Come to this session and learn HP's point of view on mobility. Discover how to use mobility as your strategic advantage.  
DT3513 - 10 tactics to a successful SaaS journey
Enterprise Group Customers are asking for a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) version of your product. You want to oblige, but how can you shift from a traditional software model to SaaS while still keeping the lights on? How much would the shift from license to subscription revenue disrupt your existing business and sales channels? How would the shift from product to 24x7 services impact your R& D and operational capabilities? How can you run and operate your new SaaS application environment economically? Attend this session and find the answers to these and other cloud-related questions.  
DT2991 - 5 steps to take control of managing your IT with HP Software
Business Service Management, Application Lifecycle Management, Cloud Management and Automation, IT Service Management, Project and Portfolio Management, Quality and Performance Validation, End-to-end KPI management Find your team is STILL spending time on maintenance rather than the next innovation? How much time are you managing customizations, responding to unauthorized changes, trying to improve patch management? The hardest part of improving your day to day work is to stop the busy work. Hear how HP can help you take the right action through effective HP Software solution management where we have helped clients improve patch efficiency by 20% or reduce IT cost by 10%. Joshua Buckley
David Cartwright
DT3612 - A better way to virtualize
Enterprise Group
Datacenter Solutions and Programs We live in a brave new (virtualized) world. IDC predicts that by 2015 , we will see 2X virtual machine (VM) growth, 2X user growth, 3X device growth, and 6X data growth. But there are many bumps along the road that leads to this bright future. Attend this session to learn about the future of virtualization; get answers to your burning questions; dispel common virtualization myths; and discover how the latest solutions from HP will ease your virtualization journey in the next 12 months.   Duncan Campbell
DT3554 - Accelerating application development with HP and Cloud Foundry
Cloud Enterprises are under heavy pressure to bring applications to market faster than ever before. Developers are using public cloud services to get fast access to development environments, while open source initiatives like Cloud Foundry are changing how applications are developed. Come to this session and hear how HP is using Cloud Foundry and other cloud solutions to help accelerate the development, testing, and deployment of applications in a hybrid world.   Ken Won
DT3218 - Accelerating time-to-market by scaling the Agile framework across your enterprise
Enterprise Services, Software
Application Lifecycle Management, Cloud Management and Automation, Business Service Management, Mobile Application Development, Quality and Performance Validation As a general rule, agile practices work well in small teams and programs. However, those practices are more challenging in large enterprises characterized by complex heterogeneous systems and distributed and outsourced resources. In addition, agility practices need to extend beyond the development phase to include release and deployment, as well as to programs and enterprise portfolios. Attend this session to hear how the HP Enterprise Agile framework addresses these challenges—from the width (across the IT lifecycle) and depth (spanning control levels) perspectives—to truly enable business agility. You’ll learn how to leverage HP solutions to transform your enterprise.   Shamim Ahmed
DT3173 - Achieving double-digit cost savings using a comprehensive Managed Enterprise Monitoring solution
Business Service Management As operations management in today’s dynamic IT environment increases in complexity, deploying and managing your business service management platform becomes more expensive, compromising solution adoption and success. Join us for this session, where you will learn how the subscription-based HP Managed Enterprise Monitoring Service enables you to focus on the core elements of your IT operations—which are unique to your environment. Let HP Software Professional Services consultants deploy and configure the right set of monitoring tools, estimate the cost of monitoring deployment, and guide you on maintaining the monitoring platform. So you can focus on what is important to you - the business outcomes. Gerben Verstraete
DT3598 - Agile development lifecycle demonstration
Application Transformation, Software
Application Lifecycle Management, Project and Portfolio Management Join us at this demo to see how your teams can effectively manage agile development projects across project managers, developers, and test engineers. This demo will highlight how participants in the planning, development, and testing process can utilize their solution of choice to improve productivity and effectiveness. Agile project managers control backlog and schedule releases with HP Agile Manager, HP ALM & HP Project and Portfolio Management. Developers streamline their work using IDE to view assigned work and make appropriate coding changes. Testers utilize their preferred testing solution to complete assigned project tasks and log testing defects. Program managers and executives gain project visibility and key performance indicators on their dashboards. View the entire agile planning, development, and testing lifecycle demonstration in a live, fully integrated environment.   Jon Furner
DT3441 - Analytics made easy: HP Titan
Big Data Buried within the volumes of your data lies a treasure—just waiting to be found. But without a map or an “X” that marks the spot, how do know where to look for the elusive business value (i.e., the treasure) of your data. Without a doubt, the most promising way to uncover this treasure is to run machine-learning algorithms against your data. The problem is that machine learning requires advanced skillsets in algorithms, complex data manipulation and modeling. The answer to this problem is The Optimizer. A unique component of the new Titan project, The Optimizer offers a new way to utilize the powerful HAVEn engine to extract meaningful value. The Optimizer is all about applying the theorem of data science automation to generic data problems. In this session you’ll learn about the “magic” behind the Titan Optimizer, and how the HAVEn stack enables you to realize The Optimizer’s immediate business value.  
DT3501 - A new style of leadership for the New Style of IT
Enterprise Services The New Style of IT calls for a new style of leadership—trailblazers who are comfortable with bringing in new types of solutions to address business problems and to super-charge innovation. Check out the leadership traits that will define competitive enterprises of the future. Discover the striking similarities between the cloud leadership traits in the context of the New Style of IT.  
DT4000 - An insider’s view: HP’s state-of-the-art Technology Renewal Center
Big Data, Cloud, Mobility Join this session for a guided tour of HP’s 200,000-square foot Technology Renewal Center, located in Andover, MA. You’ll experience the center through 360-degree panoramic views while you learn: • How we manage the remarketing and recycling of large volumes of retired technology • Our protocols for data cleansing • Our ability to custom-build pre-owned technology • And much more
DT3391 - Application-aware network management: Unified fault, performance, configuration, and compliance management of your hybrid infrastructure
Business Service Management As virtualization becomes increasingly pervasive, it will transform networks from a statically configured interconnection of routers, switches, and data centers into a flexible, dynamically provisioned infrastructure. As this transformation occurs, IT must deliver continuity in the fault, performance, and configuration of the network elements and applications, as they relate to users, systems, and storage mobility. Attend this session and learn about the HP Network Management solution for integrated fault, performance, and configuration management. Discover how this solution enables your network operators to manage applications in the context of the network, as well as auto-remediate deviations from performance SLAs or compliance policies. Joe Reves
DT2995 - A service catalog redo: Consolidating and moving to an improved workflow and implementing service-level agreements to measure performance
Software, HP IT: Best practices and lessons learned
IT Service Management Volkswagen wanted to simplify its service catalog, as well as off-load the workflow duties from its development team to the process team. Attend this session and learn how Volkswagen consolidated its service catalog and implemented a new way to assign workflows to the catalog items. Learn how implementing the service-level agreement module for new workflows allowed Volkswagen to easily see how the teams perform their delivery functions as service manager.   Eric Krueger
Cynthia Johnson
Brenda Grille
DT3248 - Automation Insight: “The scoop” into the status of IT automations
Cloud Management and Automation During this session, you’ll find out how the HP Automation Insight solution running on a Big Data platform can provide actionable insight—“the scoop” into the status of IT automations. Find out how you can report on what you are doing, how well you are doing it, and what you need to improve with regards to HP Server Automation.   Balaji Palani
Andy MacKay
DT3080 - Benchmarking and portfolios: Effective IT decision making
Big Data, Enterprise Services, Software, HP IT: Best practices and lessons learned
Project and Portfolio Management Enterprise portfolios and benchmarking are new compasses that drive change and fact-based decisions in IT strategy. At best, run-of-the-mill benchmarking only provides direction. However, uniting industry and peer benchmarks with enterprise portfolios does a lot more. This union provides IT leaders with the right "command and control module" to make value-based impact. Join us at this session to learn how to change the nature of IT by making it function as a business.   Mahipal LUnia
Steve Gall
DT3755 - Best practices for managing cloud security in a hybrid world
Cloud The sweeping acceptance of public, private, and hybrid clouds has fueled a global debate around cloud security. Issues include how to secure on-premise data center resources and off-premise applications that burst to the public cloud. Other considerations include how to protect the virtualized underpinnings of hybrid cloud deployments. Join Ben de Bont, Chief Security Officer, HP Cloud, for a fast-paced discussion on the importance of cloud security and transparency in a hybrid-cloud world. Learn what CIOs/CTOs must do to protect their organizations’ data from attack. De Bont will also evaluate threat actor motives and skill sets, data protection, and breach liability—and show how HP Cloud addresses these security challenges.     Ben de Bont
DT3254 - Be the first to see the new customer support Web experience
Cloud Management and Automation, Big Data Analytics, Business Service Management, IT Service Management, Information Optimization, Mobile Application Development, Project and Portfolio Management, Quality and Performance Validation, Security, Application Lifecycle Management HP Software Support is launching a new support Web experience for customers and partners. This innovative online community will enable users to answer technical questions and solve technical problems quickly and efficiently. The new HP Software Support website will allow users to personalize their experience with content useful to them; easily learn best practices for deploying and managing HP software products, and be part of a technically diverse community where they can share experiences and learn from others. During this session, you will see a demonstration of the new Web experience, and you’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback on this important new offering.   Kevin Hicks
DT3566 - Better information governance in the age of Big Data and mobility
Enterprise Services Information governance seems daunting. Clients often ask, “Where do I begin?” In this session, you will learn the HP approach to information governance and records management, built on Autonomy and Vertica services. You will learn how HP information governance solutions can help you solve complex challenges and better manage your information. You’ll see how HP provides the flexibility to address your unique business and IT goals so that you can realize bigger benefits faster.  
DT3629 - Big Data for security in action: A sneak peek at the future of security with HP Labs
Big Data, Security Today’s enterprises generate terabytes of security event data. These volumes are increasing exponentially as the security landscape grows ever more complex. But how can you turn this data into actionable security insight? During this session, you’ll learn how HP Labs is working with HP Global Cyber Security to detect threats and attacks on HP’s network using Big Data analytics. This emerging solution integrates key technologies in HP Software’s portfolio, including ArcSight, TippingPoint, and Vertica. We will explore novel techniques for collecting and analyzing ten billion events per day, including new ways to identify botnets, new techniques to visualize data at this scale, and how HP is turning research findings into actionable threat intelligence.   Bill Horne
DT3757 - Bridging the data center infrastructure management gap
Enterprise Group
Datacenter Solutions and Programs As cloud, mobility, and Big Data continue to impact data centers, you need to tightly manage and control operations across IT and facilities. This is a proven way to improve intelligence and cost efficiencies. But some questions exist, such as, how do you bridge the gap between IT infrastructure management, data center infrastructure management, and service management best practices? What is the difference between converged management and siloed asset management? And how should your data center processes, organization, and management strategy evolve to monitor and improve your key performance indicators? Join this session to get answers to these questions and more. Learn how HP facility and IT experts use a structured framework to plan, design, and implement converged management solutions.   Steve Wibrew
Aaron Carman
DT3577 - Building a better engineering environment: PLM as a service
Enterprise Services Many companies have grown through mergers and acquisitions, or organically as siloed business units. The result of both is a fractured and disconnected PLM environment—one that limits product development and engineering groups from fully realizing the value of the enterprise’s intellectual and capital assets. PLM transformations can provide a fully integrated internal environment; enable the creation of new services to help your enterprise solve its critical issues; give designers and engineers true mobility options; enhance intellectual property security; and integrate Big Data and Social Media as a part of the design process. At this session, you will learn how PLM transformation can empower your enterprise, while directly enhancing market share, customer satisfaction, and margin growth.  
DT3547 - Business outcomes service management
Enterprise Services At this session, you’ll learn HP’s approach to business outcomes service management (BOSM). This service management solution is driven by actual business outcomes, as measured by tangible and documented results, with risks shared by all relevant stakeholders. BOSM’s core principle is to link a specific business outcome to explicit activities within the IT stack, mapping KPIs to business processes, and metering them all the way down to the infrastructure layer with real-time metrics and predictive analytics.  
DT3579 - BYOD: A day in the life of a knowledge worker
Enterprise Services During this session, you’ll watch a demonstration of three HP Enterprise Cloud Services–Mobility options. You’ll see how a knowledge worker benefits from using a personal device to connect to corporate applications and data, to collaborate via secure file sharing, and easily onboard through our mobility portal. Layered security, easy and secure app access, rapid deployment, and solution integration are key focus areas for the discussion.  
DT4013 - Calling all Insight Control and Virtual Connect users! It's time to upgrade to a fresh approach to converged management with HP OneView
Enterprise Group, Software
Converged Systems, Application Lifecycle Management, Information Optimization What if we told you that HP could take IT management to the next level—enabling you to automate your server, networking, and storage environments under a single management layer that is very user friendly and totally intuitive? It’s true—and you can do it with HP OneView. Attend this session to learn more about HP's latest converged management innovation. Find out how we've made it easy for Insight Control and Virtual Connect customers to transition to the newest trend in infrastructure management. Hear more about HP OneView adoption and transition options, and how the platform can co-exist with legacy environments. We expect you will walk away intrigued with the possibilities HP OneView creates.  
DT3385 - Charting your course to the cloud
Cloud, HP IT: Best practices and lessons learned Confused by the cloud marketing language? Looking to maximize value by aligning your business strategy with the cloud? Join HP IT practitioners as they share their strategy for transforming HP’s internal application landscape to take advantage of the elasticity and scale offered by the cloud. During this session, you will learn the pros and cons of each cloud scenario. You’ll also be able to create a roadmap to help you make the right choices for your business’s unique needs.   Venkatesh Iyer
DT3497 - Coca-Cola gets personal with HP Indigo digital print technology
Printing and Personal Systems
Printing During a Europe-wide marketing campaign, Coca-Cola gets closer to its Generation Z audience by using personalized labels printed with HP Indigo digital presses. More than 1 billion digitally printed labels prove HP Indigo's value for long print runs. In addition, the Coca-Cola brand standard is the red ink specifically developed by HP for the campaign. The digital packaging industry is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 15.7 percent between 2011 and 2014. Several factors are driving this growth, including demand for innovative ways to differentiate products; designing short-run packaging to support inventory and cost management; and delivering regional, local, and low-volume products. Attend this session to find out how these factors—added to advancements in the use of augmented reality—are poised to fundamentally change how consumers interact with their favorite real-world brands such as Coca-Cola.   Christian Menegon
DT3018 - Converged Security: Why integrating IT management and security matters to you
Security, Software
Security Effectively addressing IT threats requires a continuously monitored view into your IT infrastructure and security posture. To react quickly enough to contain an incident, you must understand the state of devices and applications at all times; maintain a continuous view into your compliance; and constantly monitor the environment for signs of attacks. This approach is called “Converged Security.” It results from the marriage of traditional IT management tools and processes with best-in-class security tools and processes. Attend this session to learn how your organization can utilize existing investments on both sides of the house to build a smarter security program.   Colin Henderson
Gerben Verstraete
DT3266 - Customer spotlight: One Connect Limited transforms IT service delivery
IT Service Management Join us at this session to hear how One Connect Limited successfully transformed its IT service delivery—driving greater IT efficiencies and cost savings. Learn how HP Software’s Directed Implementation/Rapid Deployment Pack can meet your IT service delivery needs in a minimal amount of time with minimal impact on your business—while also maximizing the benefits. This proven methodology is already in use in various projects around the world. In addition, this flexible solution includes a complete ITSM solution that can integrate with UCMDB and Asset Manager. By the end of the session, you’ll understand how HP Software Professional Services can help meet your business needs and drive change.   Soumya Basu
DT3529 - Cyber-risk report
Security, Software
Security The complexity and difficulty of securing enterprises grows greater with the passage of time. But with the right information, organizations can significantly reduce their attack surface, substantially mitigate risks, and prevent the losses and damages associated with successful attacks. To that end, we examined the areas that notably contributed to the growing attack surface in 2013. Come to this session and learn which attacks hackers most often employ; the latest information revealed by security research; and other important insights into the current vulnerability landscape. Mark Painter
DT3516 - Data Center 411: Your data center of the future
Enterprise Services What should your data center of the future look like? What are the best data center strategies for location, redundancy, and management? What are the financial considerations? Join us at this session as we explore the critical topic of the advantages of outsourcing vs. insourcing.  
DT3961 - Deploying your private cloud faster than ever
Cloud HP CloudSystem—HP’s flagship cloud solution—offers new and enhanced capabilities that help speed deployment of private and hybrid cloud environments. Join us for an engaging session where you will learn how HP CloudSystem can help you get up and running in record time, install instances in hours, and spin up services in minutes. You will also discover how this next-generation solution allows you to deliver on a unique set of customer needs, while building on the interoperability, extensive capabilities, and proven reliability people have come to expect from HP CloudSystem and OpenStack® technology.   Barbara Pei
DT3988 - Design your next-generation SAP HANA landscape with HP ConvergedSystem
Big Data, Enterprise Group
Converged Systems Is the explosion in data volumes created by transactions and Social Media impacting your enterprise? What would you think about an integrated system that is purpose-built and tuned for managing these types of workloads? Meet the HP ConvergedSystem 500 for SAP HANA®. Thanks to automated and unattended HP Serviceguard failover, you benefit from 2X faster performance that can scale up to 16 TB on premise. Designed for hosted and cloud environments, this high-performance easy-to-order system can go from order to operational in as little as 15 days. Join us at this session to learn why HP ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA is the right choice for you.  
DT3995 - DIY isn’t always faster or more affordable: With HP ConvergedSystem, get up and running in 20 days with a 25 percent lower entry price
Enterprise Group
Converged Systems Consider spending weeks of time, millions of dollars, and all of your manpower on complicated tasks such as tuning and configuring disparate systems to support your most demanding workloads. This is a very hard way of getting things done. There is another way, however, where HP does all the heavy lifting for you. Our new approach is called HP ConvergedSystem. By following an approach that includes ruthless standardization and simplification, each HP ConvergedSystem provides a new consumption model from ordering to patching/updates tested so you can deliver new style of IT and free resources to meet your business needs. With HP ConvergedSystem, a.k.a. Sharks, you can get a set of pre-engineered, purpose-built building blocks that you can deploy quickly and easily. And of course, HP ConvergedSystem offerings are cloud-compatible. With simple, one-click ordering and rapid deployment in less than 20 days, HP ConvergedSystem has what it takes to help you spend more time growing your business and less time managing your IT.  
DT3736 - Dreams do come true—with DreamColor monitors
Printing and Personal Systems
Business Personal Systems You dream it, HP delivers it—in breathtakingly accurate color. For motion picture animation and visual effects (VFX) companies, as well as for photographers and cinematographers, color consistency is one of the most critical aspects of their work. In developing the new HP DreamColor Z27x and Z24x professional displays, HP listened and worked with top animation and VFX companies (including DreamWorks Animation, Disney, Animal Logic, The Bandito Brothers, and many others) that rely on the current DreamColor monitor to create the next-generation display. These companies are dreaming about a monitor that will not only provide a more-accurate and consistent image, but also provide unique features to make their processes more efficient. Join us at this session to learn about these HP partnerships, how we listened to our customers, and then built the monitors of their dreams.   Ann Lai
DT3505 - Effective strategies for connecting IT to business beyond the CIO—how technology enables/drives business
Enterprise Services This session will discuss the technology paradigm shift and how business value—not just IT—is enabled.  
DT3508 - Enabling better business outcomes with SAP HANA solutions
Enterprise Services Join us as we dig deeper into specific industry solutions where SAP HANA can provide a competitive advantage to your enterprise.  
DT3188 - Ensuring user adoption is critical to the Navy Federal Credit Union's IT service management transformation journey
IT Service Management When the Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) began its IT service management transformation journey, they quickly realized their success depended heavily on the people using the software, and their adoption of it. To ensure success enterprise-wide, the NFCU invested in HP Software Education and the HP Adoption Readiness Tool (ART). Join us at this session to hear how the NFCU realized the HP ART could be used for continuous education in many other areas of the business, not just HP Software investments. Learn how ensuring user adoption drives down costs, increases user proficiencies, and reduces risk of implementation failure.   Susan Merriman
Richard Tate
DT4010 - Fast and furious: Troubleshoot network problems in 30 seconds instead of two hours with HP OneView—the industry's only converged and software-defined management platform
Enterprise Group, Software
Converged Systems, IT Service Management, Information Optimization Are you looking for an integrated management layer that automates management of the physical and virtual layers of your entire data center—all from one existing console? It might be hard to believe, but today, it's possible. This is an idea whose time has come. HP OneView is a fresh approach to managing a converged infrastructure, shifting the focus from “devices” to “how people work.” Join us at this session to learn how HP OneView can help you improve productivity and boost IT agility with just a few clicks. Find out how you can reduce your management time by up to 66 percent.  
DT3835 - Federated backup and recovery: Redefining data protection for dynamic environments
Enterprise Group
Storage At this session, you will learn how HP StoreOnce Backup delivers more flexible, end-to-end data protection to your enterprise.  
DT3458 - Fighting next-generation adversaries and automatically sharing threat intelligence
Security, Software
Security Today’s adversaries are technically advanced, structured around an underground market, and using paradigm shifts in technology to compromise more victims. Through specialization and collaboration, attackers are becoming more effective. They continue to cause widespread damage and create security issues that are extremely difficult to identify, even as IT systems become more secure. However, recent advances in technology create the foundation for a new type of industry-wide threat intelligence exchange. This collaborative forum allows potential targets to organize and leverage threat intelligence more quickly and effectively. During this session, you will examine next-generation techniques for identifying, anonymizing, and sharing threat intelligence. You will also explore use cases for speeding response times and preventing breaches. Tomas Sander
DT3614 - Five steps toward your hybrid cloud
Enterprise Group
Datacenter Solutions and Programs Today, 85 percent of IT organizations are looking for ways to move from virtualization to the cloud. They want to use the cloud to gain greater agility, lower TCO, and meet business demands. But with so much marketing hype, it’s difficult to know the best way to get to the cloud. Attend this session to discover a proven step-by-step approach used by some of HP’s most successful customers. Learn what you need to embark on your own journey to the hybrid cloud.   Terence Ngai
DT3978 - Gain a competitive advantage with Social Media and geospatial analytics
Big Data, Software
Big Data Analytics As you probably know, market sentiment matters now more than ever. With the advent of Social Media, your prospects and customers are increasingly looking to Twitter, Facebook, and other public Web forums for product and service reviews. To help you gain actionable insight into your customer’s opinions, attitudes, and trends, HP Vertica Pulse automatically analyzes the text in Social Media posts. This collected data usually includes the aspects of “who” and “what.” HP Vertica Place helps support collection and analysis of geospatial information to add the aspect of “where.” During this session, you will learn how HP Vertica combines sentiment and geospatial analytics with business data to help you make better-informed business decisions.   Chaitanya Bhat
Geeta Aggarwal
DT4215 - HAVEn in action
Big Data Attend this session to hear a customer present their HAVEn use case. Learn how HAVEn has been used to meet Big Data requirements.  
DT3425 - HAVEn in action: HP Global Analytics team's HAVEn use cases
Big Data The HP Global Analytics team deployed the HAVEn (Hadoop, Autonomy, Vertica, Enterprise Security, nApps) Big Data platform to run multiple analytics use cases across HP. Attend this session to hear how HP uses HAVEn for social media analytics, quality, warranty and fraud analytics, and system failure prediction. Learn how you can engage with the HP Global Analytics team to drive your Big Data analytics to the next level of performance and success.  
DT3576 - How can you benefit today from the mobile enterprise of the future? With mobile devices.
Enterprise Services This session will use a live demo to demonstrate real business usage of cloud-based mobility environment management, client virtualization, and unified communications and collaboration. Watch a realistic enactment of how three team members use mobility and workplace solutions to collaborate, gain competitive advantage, and win an RFP bid.  
DT3574 - How future technologies will change the role between users and information
Enterprise Services The integration of next-generation technologies—such as in-context analytics, wearables, and augmented reality—together with the consumerization of IT and mobility hold the promise of changing the relationship between information and the individual. This promise is in sharp contrast to today’s reality, where people are buried in information. In the near future, the focus will change to bringing “relevant information” to users based on conversation context, location, etc. This session is intended to be an open discussion on how successful enterprises will enable these new technologies and services, and how they can appropriately secure their information to gain competitive advantage.  
DT3804 - How to build great mobile apps
Mobility If apps are now the face of your organization, how do you ensure they deliver what they promise? At HP, we think great design and rigorous testing are critical elements of successful mobile apps. We test our apps on the people who will use them. The better the apps work, the more people will use them and the more value they will deliver. During this session, you’ll find out where and how to start building your own mobile apps. HP user experience design experts will share their best practices and highlight the tricks of the trade.  
DT3805 - How to ensure your mobile app really works: Ensuring quality throughout
Mobility Mobile apps are the gateway to your organization. Come to this session and learn where to invest in performance, security, and functional testing so you can deliver five-star applications. During the session, you will explore HP Software's portfolio. These offerings help ensure the end-to-end quality of your mobile apps.  
DT3473 - How to justify a bigger security budget
Security, Software
Security High profile attacks are becoming commonplace. Key to mitigating these attacks is effective risk management – because you simply can’t protect everything. But, in many cases, budgets are tight and difficult to justify. Information security metrics are an important tool in both the mitigation of attacks and supporting budget requests, but are often underused and in some cases overlooked. This data helps measure the daily impact and value of current safeguards and shows the value of these functions throughout all business processes. The information is also a key planning tool in determining strategic security investments to support organizational objectives. This session discusses how security metrics can drive better data supported decisions, how to overcome risk management challenges, present a business view of information security and gain C-suite buy-in to support on-going security challenges. Rob Stitch
DT3834 - HP 3PAR StoreServ 7450: All-flash storage that’s affordable and autonomic
Enterprise Group
Storage Innovations in flash technology are changing the storage landscape. Join us at this session to ensure you are taking full advantage of this evolution in your data center. Learn how with HP 3PAR StoreServ, flash storage can be less complicated and less expensive than other flash products on the market. Find out how 3PAR StoreServ flash optimization can deliver extremely high performance and Tier-1 storage features—simply and affordable.    
DT3778 - HP BladeSystem delivers a whole new experience for IT with the Power of One
Enterprise Group
Servers HP BladeSystem with HP OneView deliver a whole new experience for IT with the Power of One- one infrastructure, one management platform, from one company to speed the delivery of services. Only the Power of One delivers leading infrastructure convergence, availability with federation and agility through data center automation. HP BladeSystem helps you lower data center costs by 68% so you can shift investment from routine maintenance to innovation, maximize availability by reducing downtime, and accelerate enterprise workload deployment such as virtualization and cloud computing up to 66x faster.
DT4292 - HP FlexFabric data center networking solutions overview
Enterprise Group
Networking Cloud, virtualization, and Big Data are placing unprecedented demands on the data center and accelerating the evolution of new application architectures. The result—data center networks are reaching a breaking point. Today’s legacy networks are fragile, operationally complex, and provide limited scale. What we need is a new solution that reduces network complexity, improves performance and scale, and increases network and business agility. Join us for this session, where you will see an overview of recently announced HP Networking FlexFabric solutions. Providing a new architectural approach for data center network fabrics, these solutions enable simplified, scalable, and automated connectivity through a common network fabric—designed to deliver end-to-end software-defined network services.   John Gray
DT3791 - HP Flight Deck: Gauge your end-to-end process metrics to make well-informed decisions
Enterprise Services HP Fight Deck software from HP Business Process Services addresses your most pressing business challenges by delivering near real time mobile decision-making support and access to key metrics for CxOs. Join us at this session to see how you can monitor your end-to-end processes and gauge the success of your IT transformation project improvements.  
DT3447 - HP is not rolling the dice on our data centers
Enterprise Group
Datacenter Solutions and Programs If you work in the IT organization of a large company, you probably struggle with the effects of data center sprawl. For the most part, data center sprawl is unavoidable, due in large part to the explosive growth of Big Data analytics, new business apps, the increased use of large databases to run core functions, and more. Or is it? In this session, you will learn how HP combats sprawl in our own data centers—and actually reduces the trend—by using our HP ConvergedSystem offerings and HP Moonshot platforms. Scott Anderson
DT3682 - HP Managed Print Services delivers new value in a digital, mobile, cloud-enabled world
Printing and Personal Systems
Printing, Business Personal Systems Attend this session to learn what HP is doing to help organizations make the most of new technologies, solutions, and expertise to change the way we capture, connect, and communicate information. Cost control, risk mitigation, and conservation are still important, but more clients want to know how HP can help them streamline document-intensive workflows in industry-relevant ways that deliver more value to the business.   Trina Wolfgram
DT3533 - HP Officejet Pro X printer series: Next-generation inkjet technology
Printing and Personal Systems
Printing Offering twice the speed of comparable laser printers at half the running cost, the HP Officejet Pro X printer series is changing the office printing landscape. Using HP Pagewide Technology—the same technology that powers industrial-scale printing presses—HP is bringing powerful and affordable printing to smaller offices. Join us at this session and experience this new game changing product first-hand. See how this innovative solution helps offices improve productivity and drive down cost.  
DT3233 - HP “secret sauce” for true catalog-based testing as a service
Enterprise Services, Software
Application Lifecycle Management, Quality and Performance Validation The New Style of IT demands innovative delivery models for application testing. These models must assure high-quality outcomes, and must be available for on-demand consumption from public or private clouds. HP’s innovative approach to testing (called Testing-as-a-Service, or TaaS) provides what you need to address this business need. This unique HP solution include a true catalog-based, pay-as-you-go model to deliver testing; software tools and services that enable the successful implementation of TaaS; industry and business accelerators—it’s not just about IT; and business assurance on quality outcomes (e.g., defects in production), not just on testing outputs Customers who have adopted HP’s TaaS model have experienced unprecedented improvement in released application quality, reduction in testing costs, and above all, peace of mind (through business assurance) related to application testing. Join us at this session to learn how HP TaaS solutions can transform your testing operations.   Shamim Ahmed
Alex Martins
DT4166 - HP Service Virtualization enables Darden’s business success
Quality and Performance Validation Darden, the world’s largest full-service restaurant, gains efficiency and competitive advantage by using innovative information systems that network all of their restaurants. Darden uses a distributed service-oriented architecture that allows each brand and location to operate independently, but share information and systems to drive efficiency and value directly to customers. Transactions utilize a topology of Web services to handle everything from inventory to online orders to credit card authorizations. Failure of these systems not only affects the operations at each restaurant, but can also adversely impact customer satisfaction. Testing the complex network of Web services is essential to ensuring efficient and effective operation of the business. During this session, Darden will discuss how HP Service Virtualization is used to effectively isolate and test components of the restaurant’s systems, without having to provide all the Web services in a test environment.   Howard Jessee
Jon Spencer
DT3544 - IT Asset Management heroes – Accelerating to the New Style of IT
Big Data, Cloud, Mobility Cloud, mobility, Big Data, and bring your own device (BYOD) are powerful forces in the New Style of IT. These forces are causing rapid changes—creating both opportunities and challenges. To prepare for the game-changing innovations of the New Style of IT, you must properly manage your old equipment. And we can help. Attend this session and learn how HP best practices can support your IT Asset Management goals and deliver efficient, secure, and sustainable solutions to your organization.
DT3621 - IT for IoT: Next-generation information technology from HP Labs, for the “Internet of Things”
Big Data, Cloud, Enterprise Services, Software As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes a reality, everything we touch—from the appliances in our homes to the roads in our cities—will be monitored by sensor networks. Installing these sensors in localized networks is the first step. Disruptive value will come from the ability to harness and mine the data gathered from across these connected devices. From public safety and personal health to electric grids and traffic systems, exabyte-scale applications with quadrillions of rows of data are rapidly becoming real—and will soon become commonplace. During this session, you will learn how technology built at HP Labs for the New Style of IT is being leveraged to harness the value afforded by the emerging Internet of Things. Moving across the IoT value chain—from data acquisition through data security, data fusion, data storage, and data analytics—you will see examples that illustrate how IT for IoT can disrupt diverse consumer, commercial, and industrial applications.   Amip Shah
DT3116 - IT Operations Analytics automated log analysis – finding the needle in the log-message haystack
Big Data, Software
Big Data Analytics, Business Service Management Log messages are a crucial source of information in any root cause analysis of an IT problem. The primary challenge is sifting through vast amounts of log messages to locate the ones relevant to the problem at hand. These searches can be tedious, even when using a good log management solution. You need domain expertise to know what to look for, and you need technical expertise to handle the complex regular expressions and query-building. This end-to-end process usually engages IT’s top subject matter experts, sometimes for days. You’ll learn about the pattern-recognition capabilities in IT Operations Analytics, and how they can save you time and money by automating the discovery process. You’ll also see how these capabilities can predict upcoming issues before they impact service levels. And finally, you’ll see a demonstration of how log analysis can guide you directly to the proverbial needle in the haystack—dramatically reducing the time required to isolate problems.   Yair Horovitz
DT3169 - IT service management (ITSM) in the cloud age: Dead or alive?
Cloud, Software
IT Service Management, Cloud Management and Automation There seems to be a misconception that with the cloud and everything-as-a-service, there is no need to worry about ITSM. After all, if you buy a service, surely the service provider is responsible for managing it. You simply pay for the outcome. In reality, this misconception is very far from accurate. Cloud makes ITSM more—not less—important, and in this session you’ll find out why. You’ll learn about five important steps you can take to harness service lifecycle management to make your IT organization a better service provider in the age of the cloud.   Miron Mizrahi
Louise Ng
DT4191 - Large-format printing: How color-capable devices help optimize your fleet and your costs
Printing and Personal Systems
Printing Enterprise customers produce a wide variety of content in large format. Black and white has been predominant in architectural and engineering documents, but the need for color printing continues to grow. During this session, you will analyze how color-capable large-format printers and multifunction printers enable you to optimize your printing fleet by consolidating applications without trade-offs in productivity or running costs.   Xavier Juarez
DT3452 - Luck had nothing to do with it: Learn how HP IT Operations did more with less
Enterprise Services, HP IT: Best practices and lessons learned With no cards up our sleeves, we will reveal how HP IT is playing to win by doing more with less. From increasing capacity while decreasing costs, to eliminating production events, to automation – the new incident management discipline, session attendees will engage in an enlightening and candid conversation on how they can reduce the odds and win big for their IT operations.   Robert Crawford
DT3809 - Making Google Glass Wearables work in the enterprise
Mobility Wearables – what’s the value they’re going to bring to your organization? HP has been deploying Proof-of-Concept solutions for leading organizations on a world-wide basis with Google Glass. So what can this new technology really deliver? Attend the session to listen to the guys who deployed these new innovative solutions & gauge for yourself what really possible.
DT3111 - Making your dreams come true by controlling your IT service lifecycle
IT Service Management, Project and Portfolio Management Cloud has increased the pressure on IT to deliver the right service at the right time for the right price. More than ever, time-to-market and total cost of ownership are critical considerations when making IT service trade-off decisions. But when it comes to your end-to-end IT service lifecycles, how much control do you really have? According to Peter Drucker, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Gaining greater visibility into your IT service cost and performance is the key to better measurement, and therefore management. However, having insight without control is like driving a car without a steering wheel. During this session, you will discover what information you need to share at each step of your IT value chain—from great idea to service definition, portfolio decision, chartered project, catalog consumption, and meeting SLA commitments, to service retirement. Start here to regain the control you need to turn your IT service strategy into reality. Erik van Busschbach
DT3504 - Managing an increasingly diverse user environment
Enterprise Services In the New Style of IT, corporate environments will embrace a range of compute types. No longer will IT be managing all devices, end-to-end. This joint Client Virtualization Services/Workplace 360 session focuses on the combined business value of these two offerings. Learn how to simplify the complexity of managing desktops with a flexible, profile-based approach—tailored to your needs—that integrates images, applications, and user data.  
DT3209 - Managing your enterprise apps—from beginning to end
Mobile Application Development You face a proliferation of mobile apps, and you need to get them under control. In this interactive demo, you’ll see how to use HP Anywhere and the HP Access catalog to manage your enterprise mobile apps without compromise.   Ziv Tarsi
David Landsberg
John Jeremiah
DT3457 - Mass Mutual: Obtaining incident and problem management in 90 days
IT Service Management When Mass Mutual implemented new incident and problem management processes, the company accelerated its time-to-value by using HP tools. Attend this session to gain key insights from real-world examples. Learn how to quickly and effectively deploy an incident and problem management solution in your IT environment.   John Nastelin
Marianne Richi
DT3279 - MassMutual’s transformation to the cloud
Cloud Management and Automation MassMutual has completed Phase 1 of its transformational journey to the cloud. Attend this session to learn what steps the company has completed, how they leveraged HP automation and cloud solutions, and how they transformed their service delivery organization and processes to deliver better benefits.  Louise Ng
DT3703 - Mobile mashup: Helping customers choose the right mobility mix
Printing and Personal Systems
Business Personal Systems Mobility promises productivity without boundaries. But that promise can only be fulfilled when you use the right devices that offer the right set of business features. Attend this session and learn why HP's portfolio stands above the rest in fulfilling the promise of mobility. Discover the wide variety of secure, reliable HP mobile devices available in your choice of form factors and backed by comprehensive services designed to support mixed environments and businesses of all sizes.   Carol Hess
DT2960 - Mobile performance testing tips and tricks
Quality and Performance Validation During this session, you will learn about various testing options for mobile applications, using testing scripts generated via HP Mobile TruClient, Emulator, and Proxy. There are caveats for each methodology, which you will discover from actual case study scenarios. You will learn how to execute performance tests using scripts from HP LoadRunner and Performance Center. In addition, you will discover best practices for using these tools and will learn about additional tools for mobile developers which enhance the test-tool arsenal for performance engineers.   Wilson Mar
Mohit Verma
DT3156 - Mobile user experience, redefined
Business Service Management With more than two million available in app stores, mobile apps play a major role in our lives. Mobile apps are the new gateway to services, helping us track key activities, manage our time, purchase groceries and goods, compare prices, book vacations, stay in shape, track our favorite stocks and so much more. But with so many apps available, what drives our preference for one app vs. another? It’s all about the end-user experience. Join us at this session to learn what the “end-user experience” really means, how to reduce user abandonment, and how HP is redefining the user experience for mobile apps.   Dana Gilboa
Alon Inditzky
DT3564 - Modernize with the New Style of IT and app transformation
Enterprise Services Do you want to take advantage of the New Style of IT? To modernize and transform applications, your systems of record must be up to the job. During this session, we will explore the modernization and transformation requirements for enabling and supporting new systems of engagement—and driving success in the process.  
DT3849 - Moonshot: In production at
Enterprise Group, HP IT: Best practices and lessons learned
Servers The IT group at HP was the first to deploy Moonshot in production. It currently handles the browsing traffic and FTP downloads on It is showing tremendous space and energy savings. This technical session will update you on the latest deployments including the new ProLiant m300 server cartridge. Volker Otto
DT3584 - Moving your entire business to the cloud in six months: Are you kidding?
Enterprise Services See how Seadrill partnered with HP to deliver a flexible, highly available, and predictable infrastructure that enables Seadrill to migrate its apps with speed—supported by expertise and assurance.  
DT4179 - Network Functions Virtualization: The new business of the network
Enterprise Group
Networking Virtualization technology has created greater efficiencies in the data center. And now, virtualization has moved into the network—enabling service providers to innovate, more rapidly deliver new services, reduce CAPEX, and explore new business models. More than a year ago, ETSI formed its Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Industry Specification Group. The promise of reduced costs and greater flexibility enabled by NFV and standard computing platforms is gaining momentum in the communications industry. Adoption is happening, and a supply chain is forming. During this session, you will explore the dynamics that have underpinned the rapid move toward transformation. You will review experiences and learnings gained from NFV proof of concept initiatives currently underway, share highlights of innovations from HP Labs, and find out what’s in store for the year ahead.   Bethany Mayer
DT3807 - New devices, new opportunities: HP's roadmap for your success
Mobility At this session, you will learn how HP is building a series of enterprise-class solutions that combine enterprise requirements for security and manageability with consumer-like experiences. The result—you get the best of both worlds. See some of HP’s newest offerings. Hear from the experts on what you need to consider as part of your enterprise business device strategy.  
DT3550 - New HP Workstation options
Big Data, Printing and Personal Systems
Business Personal Systems Join this session to hear about dynamic, high performance graphics on new workstation platforms. Details will be posted soon. Larry Mahoney
DT3478 - Next generation networks mean next generation threats: new demands require a new approach
Security, Software
Security Organizations have a multitude of point solutions for security, but threats keep coming. Maintaining front-line defenses in a reactive posture has contributed to overloaded IT resources, shrinking talent pools and lagging skill sets. As enterprise network requirements change to support more mobile workforces and productivity demands, Software Defined Networks (SDN) are gaining prevalence. Maintaining security across evolving infrastructure simply cannot happen with existing reactive approaches. It requires a new way of thinking and extensive resources that are in seriously short supply. In this session, HP discusses the results of sponsored research from Frost & Sullivan that identifies the resulting complications of an overburdened IT security staff and how Managed Security Services can provide much needed supplemental staff to address growing gaps. From Access Management to Firewalls to Data Loss Prevention—as well as multiple relationships with various providers – enterprise security is a complex and messy scenario. Learn what it takes to have an effective, integrated security footprint that delivers a measurable reduction in business risk, reduces complexity in your environment and provides lower total cost of ownership. Randy Redmon
Barry O'connell
DT3128 - Next-generation social awareness analytics with HP Explore
Information Optimization HP Explore—powered by IDOL, the OS for human information—creates idea clusters based on relationships. HP Explore also identifies connections in real time to uncover actionable intelligence from all human information. Attend this demo theater to see how next-generation social awareness allows you to visualize the entire human information ecosystem across people, topics, and ideas.   Lindsay Sterrett
DT3552 - Nine best practices for cloud design in a hybrid world
Cloud You’ve decided to move to the cloud. Funding has been approved. The next step in your cloud journey is to define and execute the cloud strategy that best aligns to the needs of a hybrid world—and your business/technical requirements. But there are so many questions, like: Where should I start? Which cloud solution—public, private, or hybrid—should I build? What cloud services should I manage and sell? How can I create those services both effectively and affordably? This cloud design session answers all these questions and more, while ensuring you build a lasting cloud solution in a timely and cost-effective manner. You’ll learn about the top nine best practices for designing clouds that meet business requirements with minimal risk. These best practices will be illustrated with real customer case studies. This is a must-attend session for anyone planning, building, and implementing private or public clouds in a hybrid world.   Ewald Comhaire
DT3990 - No compromises: Give mobile workers a consistent user experience with the new HP ConvergedSystem 700x for Citrix XenDesktop on VMware vSphere
Enterprise Group
Converged Systems Your team is on the move—literally. Meet their mobility needs by providing a virtual desktop solution with the one tool that allows you to manage simplified delivery and deployment with a single point of accountability. The newest HP App Maps provide the tested specifications you need to get the job done right. Join us at this session to see how the new HP ConvergedSystem 700x for Citrix XenDesktop on VMware vSphere can help you manage rapid, simplified delivery and deployment of virtual desktop technology.  
DT3553 - Optimizing OpenStack® cloud computing for hybrid delivery
Cloud The HP cloud architecture is designed to be open at every layer of a cloud solution, regardless of the chosen delivery model. HP Cloud OS, built on OpenStack technology, provides enterprises with the essential foundation of technologies and services to confidently build, consume, and manage IT across private, public and hybrid clouds. Learn how OpenStack cloud computing is optimized for a hybrid world, and how HP Cloud OS uses OpenStack technology to deliver a common cloud platform to simplify delivery, optimize workload portability, and provide enhanced service lifecycle management.   Rajmohan Rajagopalan
JR Horton
DT4019 - Power a new generation of human information apps with IDOL OnDemand
Information Optimization To address the modern challenges of explosive human information growth, IDOL OnDemand delivers a rich set of Web service APIs that analyze unstructured information. By using sentiment analysis, face detection, image recognition, text indexing, search, and many more IDOL OnDemand APIs, your developers can build phenomenal apps that push the boundaries of innovation. Join us for a live code demonstration to see how quickly and easily you can build your own consumer and enterprise apps.   Pieter Van Zee
DT3622 - Radical simplification of IT: Peek into the future of cloud computing with HP Labs
Cloud Today, the cloud is a reality. Its effects are starting to appear in businesses—from new business models to radical transformations in how we approach new IT projects and information management. The cloud is the result of an evolutionary effort to radically simplify the way IT is consumed—but we have only just begun. During this session, we will explore the evolution of the cloud and, based on HP Labs’ research, learn about predictions for what is coming next. With this information, you can be better prepared to make informed business decisions in today’s fast-changing landscape.   Julio Guijarro
DT3241 - RBS Citizens Financial Group: Optimizing ITSM to deliver business value
IT Service Management RBS Citizens is a vital force in New England, mid-Atlantic, and Midwest banking. To advance its market leadership, RBS Citizens is optimizing its IT Service Management (ITSM) processes across its entire IT portfolio, through iterative realignment of people, processes, and technology. Please join us for this session’s behind-the-scenes look at how RBS Citizens is using business services, executive dashboards, and change management to drive efficiencies and deliver greater business value to the organization. Cheryl Fogarty
DT3780 - Revolutionizing mission-critical approaches to Always-On IT: Mission-critical customer panel
Enterprise Group
Servers Join us at this session to gain an understanding of real-world mission-critical computing. Listen while users share their experiences and advice on evolving their infrastructure to meet the increasing pressure to deliver continuous business in an always on world. Also hear an industry analyst speak on how the market trends are impacting the realities of today’s mission-critical IT. Randy Meyer
DT3731 - Save time and money with HP’s innovative printing solutions
Printing and Personal Systems
Printing, Business Personal Systems In today’s challenging market, it is more critical than ever to maximize your return on technology investment. Join us in the Discover Theater to learn how HP’s business printing and document solutions help you save money, with our wide range of printers, enable a mobile workforce, and improve paper-based processes all in a secure manner.
DT3515 - Shifting titanic workloads to the cloud—without sinking
Enterprise Services Join us as we discuss the features, tools, platforms, and technology that will enable the true hybrid cloud model. And find out how to prepare for it.  
DT3426 - Analytics work better with HP HAVEn
Big Data is America's largest hourly employment network for job seekers and employers. Founded in 1999, the company now has more than 25 million members. Its mission is to help hourly workers find jobs they love—and help hourly employers find the best people for their open positions. Analytics lies at the core of’s success—and the company uses the HP HAVEn Big Data Platform to meet its analytics needs. Attend this session to learn how HP server and storage infrastructure for Hadoop, together with the HP Vertica analytics platform, enable’s continuing success.  
DT3850 - Software-defined storage: Unlock the capacity of your data center
Enterprise Group
Servers, Storage Join us at this session to learn about HP’s market-leading software-defined storage offerings. These solutions provide the flexibility you need to address dynamic business needs and extend the capabilities of your HP ProLiant server infrastructure. Find out how you can increase the value of current investments by adding powerful data services and modern storage functionality to your IT environment. Discover how you can centrally manage thousands of remote sites for disaster recovery without buying new equipment. Learn how to optimize cloud services with highly available storage tiers—freeing dedicated storage to deliver maximum ROI. Sam Bohlin
DT3479 - State of security operations
Security, Software
Security Explore the findings from the first-of-its-kind report that summarizes the capabilities and maturity of cyber defense organizations. Hear real-world examples from the group that built 40 Security Operations Centers worldwide. Attend this session to learn what works, what doesn't, and how organizations are wasting their money—to ensure you don’t.   Jesse Emerson
DT3987 - Stop singing the IBM blues: Why HP ConvergedSystem is the only product you can trust for your SAP HANA landscape
Enterprise Group, Big Data
Converged Systems Up until recently, you have had a few options for supporting your SAP HANA® journey. Looking at the landscape today, however, you find some vendors who are uncertain about their own product strategy, and others who are unprepared to accommodate your SAP HANA needs. Except for HP. HP is the right partner with the right vision for providing the right systems for your business analytics needs today, for meeting your data warehousing needs tomorrow, and for accommodating your business application requirements in the future. With 2X faster performance than IBM, coupled with unique data protection capabilities—all optimized for in-memory computing—HP ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA is the smart choice for supporting your SAP HANA journey.  
DT3099 - Streamline your processes, empower your users, and cut out the middle man by implementing the Service Request Catalog
Software, HP IT: Best practices and lessons learned
IT Service Management By using the Service Request Catalog to support our Service and Support Portal, HP can reduce the number of calls and emails to our Global Solution Center (Help Desk) for ticket creation and routing. The Service Request Catalog enables our end users to order hardware, software, and services, as well as track orders to final delivery or consumption. Come to this session and learn from our experiences so you can benefit from deploying the Service Request Catalog, too.   Lynne Tomchuk
DT3194 - Take your software investments from just good enough to providing extraordinary business value
Enterprise Services, Software
Application Lifecycle Management, Cloud Management and Automation, Big Data Analytics, Business Service Management, IT Service Management, Information Optimization, Mobile Application Development, Project and Portfolio Management, Quality and Performance Validation, End-to-end KPI management During this session, HP education experts will discuss the importance of understanding the changing nature of today’s workforce. You will learn how these changes are impacting learning needs. You can unlock the value of your software by creating an education roadmap—using a “blended learning” approach that will heighten adoption of your applications. In this session, you will learn how to improve software usage by creating an enablement culture; developing education and enablement roadmaps for users in all roles; ensuring continuous learning; and providing self-paced learning.   Jim Sharp
Tina Sturgis
DT3559 - The builders guide to the New Style of IT: An application-centric approach
Enterprise Services So your organization needs to become more agile, customer focused, service enabled, and cost efficient. But how do you get there? Where do you start? Where do you go next when the timescales shrink, the skills become harder to find, and you have more people who seem to know what you should do? Attend this session to discover how “The builders guide to the New Style of IT” takes an application-centric view of what can be done, what needs to done, and how you can do it.  
DT3613 - The future of your data center – and what to do about it today
Enterprise Group
Datacenter Solutions and Programs Do you wonder what data centers will look like in 2020? If so, attend this session and learn about the three key trends for the data center of the future, as well as the benefits they offer. Find out what key technologies available today will pave the way to tomorrow’s IT. Step into the future and learn about the major transformations coming soon to the world of IT—across infrastructure, management, people, and governance.   Duncan Campbell
DT3808 - The intelligent edge for superior mobile experiences
Mobility The emergence of the mobile cloud era is underpinned by a fundamental shift toward a universal and seamless connectivity experience. Your mobility initiative will ultimately be judged by the user experience you deliver—not by the availability of connections. Users expect seamless access from any device, regardless of ownership. Join us at this session to learn how to create the intelligent edge in your enterprise environment—enabling you to deliver a superior user experience.
DT3503 - The Internet of Things (IoT) and the impact on IT
Enterprise Services As we peer into the future and see how IT will change, we must consider the “Internet of Things” and its impact on IT and information protection. We haven’t seen much impact yet; but the growth of devices, sensors, and other items that are connected—or soon will be—is exploding. The challenge is to determine what we need from all this information, how it affects our information governance policies, what information is useful, and how we can secure it. Attend this session to find answers to these challenges.  
DT3502 - The New Style of IT in the workplace
Enterprise Services The user workplace is changing rapidly. We have moved away from static location-based environments to the combination of Big Data, the cloud, mobility, and analytics. This session outlines the primary considerations that will help enterprises ensure their processes keep pace with changing technology landscapes—and that they remain efficient, effective, and productive.  
DT3609 - The next-generation service provider data center: A “how-to” guide
Enterprise Group
Datacenter Solutions and Programs Service providers need just-in-time (JIT) delivery of cost-efficient, high-performance technologies. JIT technology enables service providers to channel capital toward customer acquisition and top-line growth. However, this balancing act can be difficult to manage. How do you grow your customer base, while also keeping pace with infrastructure capacity? How do you scale up relative to cost, density, power/cooling, and manageability? Join us at this session and receive the How-to Guide for Service Providers. Learn how to create a blueprint for your next five years of growth. Derek Howard
DT3057 - The power of HP Operations Bridge in hybrid IT in action
Business Service Management If you want to see German engineering in action, now is the time. While it’s not a car you can drive on the Autobahn, HP Operations Bridge allows you take advantage of the new hybrid IT attributes—including elasticity, real-time capabilities, mobility and automation—all at Autobahn speeds—with full control. During this demo theatre event, you will see Operations Bridge in action in a typical customer scenario, illustrated by real-life use cases. You will learn the core values you can gain from deploying Operations Bridge, including greater application up-time, improved staff efficiency, and lower operating costs. Olivier Daures
Ian Bromehead
DT3067 - The role of HP ALM in the agile enterprise
Application Transformation, Software
Application Lifecycle Management In many enterprises, development teams follow an “agile agenda.” Senior management in other companies encourage adoption of “agile practices.” Regardless of the driving force behind your agile enterprise, you can continue to leverage your investment in HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). In this session, you’ll learn how organizations using HP ALM for quality management are affected by the move to agile. You’ll see how HP ALM—which seamlessly integrates with HP Agile Manager—continues to be an indispensable component of any enterprise agile quality management system. You’ll discover best practices for managing your organization's quality in HP ALM, while synchronizing essential data between HP ALM and HP Agile Manager.   Eyal Arad
Malcolm Isaacs
DT3113 - Think big and start small when connecting the dots for running the New Style of IT
End-to-end KPI management Everyone is talking about the New Style of IT and hybrid service delivery. But what do these terms mean to you? And where do you start to achieve these goals? It’s clear that cloud has increased the pressure on IT to deliver the right service at the right time for the right price. More than ever, time-to-market, cost of service, and clear line of sight into service dependencies are critical considerations when making IT service trade-off decisions. And so today, it’s no longer a question of “if” you need to manage service providers, but “how.” During this session, you will explore four key perspectives and connect the dots for running the New Style of IT. These perspectives provide the insight you need to think big, yet start small, and drive incremental value at every step of the way. Don’t miss this thought-provoking Discovery Theater session!   Erik van Busschbach
DT3620 - Thirty billion new connected devices: A sneak peek at how HP Labs is reinventing the architecture of computing to cope
Enterprise Group
Converged Systems, Servers, Storage, Networking By 2020, 30 billion intelligent devices will connect to the internet. These devices will produce an unprecedented amount of data. The infrastructure required to collect, process, store, and analyze these volumes requires transformational changes to the foundations of computing. HP Labs is developing radical new approaches to the large-scale, high-performance infrastructure required to support the new data-centric world. In this session, you will learn about emerging trends and HP’s vision for future software-defined systems that fuse memory and storage, flatten complex data hierarchies, bring processing closer to the data, and enable system security at the point of attack. HP Labs’ research in non-volatile memory lays the foundation for universal memory. Energy-optimized System-on-a-chip (SoC) designs and advances in integrated photonics will allow these systems to communicate at the speeds that data-centric computing will require.   Kimberly Keeton
DT3347 - Top IT trends and their impact on the future of business and security
Security, Software
Security Attend this forward-looking discussion to discover how to address today’s top IT trends, and then look ahead to the next five years. A business strategist from Intact Technology will talk about major trends that will transform the way you plan for the future of your business and career. Topics will include: • Bring your own device (BYOD) • The impact of new devices like Google Glass • Cloud environments • Gamification (using game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts) • Corporate fusion mapping with Big Data • Business and focused social circles • Multi-device mobility • Custom business apps • Exponential adoption and change By the end of the session, you will have a solid understanding of transformational trends and how they impact you and your business. The knowledge you gain will help you position yourself and your organization to remain competitive today and in the future. Shannon Lake
DT3610 - Twelve questions to ask your convergence vendor
Enterprise Group
Datacenter Solutions and Programs Today, roughly 80 percent of organizations are considering integrated systems (i.e., convergence) as a way to add capacity, speed service delivery, and create a pathway to the cloud. But with so many vendors and solutions available, how do you know which one to choose? Join us at this session to discover the top 12 questions to ask when you meet with a convergence vendor, as recommended by the Gartner Group. Use these questions to get a running start on the road to IT convergence. Helen Tang
DT3611 - Two-speed IT: What the heck is it? And what does it mean to your infrastructure?
Enterprise Group
Datacenter Solutions and Programs Did you know that the Gartner Group states 45 percent of CIOs are already operating on “bi-modal” or “two-speed” IT? Before you dismiss this as another marketing buzzword, you should know that this new trend is essential when conventional IT is too slow—such as when supporting key strategic initiatives, capitalizing on narrow windows of opportunities, and operating in hyper-competitive markets. Join us for this 30-minute discussion and find out what two-speed IT can do for you.   Helen Tang
DT3110 - Unveiling the cost of managing external suppliers
IT Service Management According to analysts, 60 percent of today’s enterprises have outsourced some of their IT services to more than one supplier, and 40 percent of enterprises will adopt external cloud services by 2014. Having a multi-supplier ecosystem has shifted CIO’s priorities from the “Holy Grail” of internal operational excellence to an effective model for service brokering. The latter model delivers the maximum value and innovation from services available in the cloud. Attend this session to better understand the costs and drivers of managing multiple suppliers, and how these items have become critical keys for success. Felix Fernandez
DT3608 - Virtualization – End or means to the software-defined data center?
Enterprise Group
Datacenter Solutions and Programs As organizations realize the efficiency, disaster recovery, and agility benefits of virtualization, they move more workloads to virtualized environments—including mission-critical workloads and systems management. The next step is to automate all virtual resources in a software-defined data center (SDDC). Attend this session and learn how HP can help you determine the optimum end-state for your business and IT. Discover the challenges that accompany deploying higher levels of virtualization. Find out how to maximize the value of virtualization through a step-by step journey toward the SDDC. Learn how HP Technical Services Consulting can help you achieve the SDDC in a fast and cost-effective manner—enabling strategic IT transformation.   James Cohen
DT3562 - What does the digital enterprise mean for you?
Enterprise Services The New Style of IT has the potential to radically change how your organization interacts with customers, citizens, and employees. The New Style of IT fuels and enables the transformation to a digital enterprise. But what does that transformation involve? And why should you care? This thought-provoking session addresses the most exciting and far-reaching opportunity that technology has ever offered to organizations—large and small, public and private.  
DT3252 - What’s new with HP Cloud Service Automation!
Cloud Management and Automation Learn how HP Automation and Cloud Management solutions can help you automate the complete lifecycle of IT services—from routine data center maintenance to business process delivery. Whether you need to bring agility to your business by taking service deployment to the cloud, or you want to build a sophisticated hybrid cloud to accelerate innovation—you can do it with HP Cloud Service Automation. Attend this session and learn how HP can help you reduce service deployment time from months to minutes—while also eliminating hundreds of IT administration hours.   serdar badem
Narayan Mandaleeka
DT3249 - What’s new with HP Operations Orchestration!
Cloud Management and Automation Learn how four simple steps—design, deploy, run, and report—can change the way you manage your IT organization. Get the details on HP Operations Orchestration 10.10. Learn about features such as remote debugging, explore how source code integration will accelerate your deployments, and how reporting capabilities will help you highlight the business value of automating and orchestrating your tasks. Learn about the ways you can use HP Operations Orchestration in scenarios such as self-healing remediation, service request fulfillment, and security operations. Vikram Matharoo
Hadar Shimoni
Muneer Mubashir
DT3619 - When Big Data becomes truly big and truly fast: A sneak peek at HP Labs’ analytics research
Big Data Big Data is growing at a faster pace than anticipated. HP Labs’ analytics research will enable HP to help you integrate data sources, transform and automate business processes, and act on relevant insights—all at unprecedented scale. In this session, you will learn about these emerging trends and HP’s vision for future analytics systems, technologies and infrastructure. We will explore improvements in data search, visualization, and immersion; how to turn data into actionable information; and sensing and control analytics to better understand the physical world around us. Today, we are shaping the future of analytics at zetta scale—when Big Data becomes truly big and truly fast.   Jaap Suermondt
DT3806 - Winning the mobile enterprise voice user with Lync
Mobility The mobile experience is dominated by new ways of connecting with other users—through social platforms or real-time voice and video services. Unless the enterprise delivers a superior and secure real-time voice and video experience, consumerization could rapidly render IT irrelevant in this area. Attend this session to learn how you can enable Microsoft Lync with usability, productivity, ease of use, and future protection in mind. Discover how incorporating exciting innovations such as SDN and unified wired/wireless networks can enable a superior end-user experience that outshines consumer alternatives.  
DT3175 - Worried about security? Improve the efficiency of your IT and security operations
Security Today’s IT leaders are looking for a new operations model—one that integrates IT and security operations. Not only should IT operations be flexible enough to support changes in operating models, but also include the necessary security controls to protect against threats and manage compliance. Attend this session to learn how implementing a support model aligned with your business priorities will improve the efficiency of your IT and security operations.   Jason Hanson
DT3705 - Your first line of defense: HP's obsession with client security
Printing and Personal Systems
Business Personal Systems Strengthen what could be the weak link in your security strategy—your PCs. Learn how HP’s industry-leading portfolio of business-PC security and manageability solutions can keep you from getting caught with your PCs down. Guard against malicious attacks with HP’s multi-layered, client-to-cloud approach for protecting your company’s data, devices, and identity.   Lorri Jefferson
DF3517 - Achieve business continuity and disaster recovery (DR) in the cloud
Enterprise Services During this session, you’ll walk through a scenario of how HP’s new Disaster recovery-as-a- Service solution can help you recover from a data center flood in one hour and 19 minutes. In fact, HP recovered the full SAP environment, including end user access, in this short amount of time. Traditional tape-based DR typically takes several days to recover—which would result in losing up to a day's worth of data.  
DF3738 - All about the Android AiO
Cloud, Enterprise Services, Printing and Personal Systems
Business Personal Systems At this session, you will see how the first business-focused Android all-in-one boosts productivity in the office, in the classroom, and in kiosk environments. Learn how the HP Slate21 Pro enables easy access to a compelling new generation of local and cloud-based business apps and efficient manageability tools. Also find out about the security enhancements for Android.   Pavana Polineni
DF3186 - A new data center strategy for the New Style of IT
Big Data, Cloud, Mobility, Enterprise Group
Converged Systems, Datacenter Solutions and Programs Data center sourcing options that exist today can be grouped into four primary categories: owned data center you build and maintain in house, hosted service or collocation provider, managed or outsourced service provider and public cloud provider An inverse relationship exists within these options—as the capital investment/cash flow requirements go up, the level of control a company can exercise goes down. In addition, none of the options completely aligns with the New Style of IT. Today, you can consider a fifth option—HP’s Facility-as-a-Service. This option is a partnership between HP and a customer, where HP owns and maintains the data center infrastructure running on the customer-owned site. By combining Facility-as-a-Service with HP’s Flexible Facility portfolio, customers gain the confidence of knowing their data center operations can meet their on-going IT and business requirements today and tomorrow. Most importantly, this option offers customers’ control of their owned facility, with cash flows aligned more closely to a hosted or managed service provider model. Bernard Cobb
David Winn
DF3303 - An introduction to open source workflows
Cloud Management and Automation Attend this session to learn about the open source project driven within HP Operations Orchestration (OO). Watch the HP team unveil the inner workings of the HP OO workflow execution engine. During the session, you will explore the utility of this workflow execution engine using real-world use cases.   Vikram Matharoo
Avi Arjuan
Nimish Shelat
DF3507 - Applications security: The weakest link in enterprise security
Enterprise Services Applications are the latest targets for attackers, and they pose significant challenges to business risk and cost. Attend this session and learn why security matters for application transformation. Discover how to combat these vulnerabilities. Topics of discussion will include comprehensive application threat analysis, static and dynamic testing, and HP Fortify.  
DF3220 - Banking’s security challenges
Security, Software
Security Aging legacy systems, spaghetti integration, and system outages are the top three security challenges that banks face today. Join us at this session to hear how PwC and HP bring continuity of service to banking. Talk about the lessons learned that are applicable to many industries—including Financial Services. Christian Iantoni
Brandy Grady
DF3350 - Big Data analytics for IT operations
Business Service Management With the advent of Social Media, intelligent sensors bring your own devices (BYOD), and the New Style of IT, the volume of IT operations data is exploding. The result—Big Data platforms are more important than ever. During this forum, we'll talk about two ways to keep your Big Data platform delivering big returns. We’ll also explore how IT operations can profit from Big Data platforms, and how to find new ways of controlling your end-to-end business performance.   Rick Winford
DF3510 - Branch Transformation: The new vibe of Banking
Enterprise Services Bank branches are still in the heart of customers, a tangible representation and a sense of security that much of their money is entrusted to someone else to manage. However, reducing frequency of transactions performed at the branches calls for banks to transform their branches into relaxed, inviting environments capable to win more business. HP Enterprise Applications Services for Microsoft Dynamics helps you streamline key banking processes, such as account onboarding, loan origination, and case escalation to cultivate more profitable and enduring customer relationships. Let HP show you how information and technology come together to transform the customer experience. The branch is the new vibe of Banking!  
DF3284 - Build and manage your OpenStack private clouds with HP Software and the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack platform
Cloud Management and Automation IT organizations are under pressure to transform how they deliver infrastructure services to customers. Private cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is one solution to the problem; but to be successful, the solution must be based on open standards and allow continued choice and flexibility over time. Come to this session and learn how HP and Red Hat work together to integrate HP Software’s cloud management solutions and the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform to help you quickly build and manage an OpenStack-based private cloud.     Andy Smith
Karthik Prabhakar
DF3761 - Built on HP: HP OEM program update
Enterprise Group
Datacenter Solutions and Programs During this session, you will learn about recent noteworthy product introductions and the upcoming transition to HP ProLiant Gen9 servers with Intel® Haswell processors. HP’s OEM program has continued to grow in depth and breadth—with more than 800 OEMs worldwide participating. You will learn about program enhancements introduced during the last 12 months, as well as see our plans for the coming year.   Gary Gammon
DF3000 - Cloud service planning, architecture, and design
IT Service Management, Cloud Management and Automation “As-a-service” is a term you commonly hear when the topic of conversation is about the cloud. But what does “as-a-service” actually mean to you? How do you deliver IT “as-a-service?” What are the implications of planning, architecting, and designing these services? A common fallacy is that you simply need to offer self-service capabilities, and then publish everything to a service catalog. The reality, however, is a little more complex. During the cloud service planning, architecture, and design session, we will openly discuss topics such as service specifications, looking at services from the customer’s perspective, and building a catalog that reflects your service architecture. We look forward to hearing your views about cloud and IT As-a-Service, learning about the problems you face, and sharing the insight we’ve gathered during recent customer engagements. Miroslav Malecha
Eddy Saad
Louise Ng
Miron Mizrahi
DF3739 - Create a big experience, even on-the-go, with HP monitors and accessories
Mobility, Enterprise Group, Printing and Personal Systems
Business Personal Systems As the workforce continues to grow more mobile by using tablets and smartphones, HP monitors and accessories enable faster, easier connections for a bigger, better experience. Join us at this session to learn how the latest accessories, the new HP EliteDisplay S240ml monitor with Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) connectivity, and the HP EliteDisplay S231d USB monitor can help increase on-the-go productivity. Mitch Callihan
DF3567 - Create new business insights with cross-media analytics on the HAVEn platform
Enterprise Services Looking for a state-of-the-art processing and analytics solution? One that extracts and creates unstructured multimedia metadata—combined with search and predicative analytics capabilities? Cross-media analytics on the HAVEn platform has all of that—and more. With this solution, you can improve efficiency, increase profitability, and create new business insights across your enterprise. Attend this session and learn how.  
DF3474 - DDoS protection and targeted threat intelligence
Security, Software
Security DDoS attacks are the predominant means for disrupting and damaging enterprise operations. Attacks have increased 26% since 2013, and have become more potent. A successful DDoS attack can shut down operations for 54 minutes (on average) at an average loss of $22,000 per minute. Do you have $1Million to lose? Preventing these attacks is a challenge as most technology based methods are outpaced and require ongoing management to keep up with changing attack methods. In this sesison, HP Enterprise Security Services shows you how we leverage big data analysis to mine structured and unstructured data for targeted threat intelligence that prevents damage from DDoS attacks. Our threat intelligence engine uses HP Autonomy IDOL to correlate vast amounts of data from existing log sources and social media content to identify imminent threats and provide concrete actions to pre-empt them. Let our experts show you how you can defend your organization from the most popular tool in the criminal marketplace. Pamela Cawthorn
DF3476 - Do you really know who has your information? How to create the right strategy to protect your data
Security, Software
Security Data security has moved to the top of the priorities list for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs). Recent surveys indicate that roughly half of an organizations employees have taken company data. In one survey, 53% of respondents believe that is it OK to take company data because they do not think it can harm their employer. Every day, more than 40% of employees are emailing company IP to their personal accounts. Do you really know who has your information? In this session, HP discusses the value of a strong Data Loss Prevention strategy and effective implementation to protect vital information. The right plan should help you assess your existing data landscape; identify risk to your data at rest, in motion and in use; measure the effectiveness of established DLP solutions and identify potential gaps that are being exploited. We will also discuss how you your rules, policies and processes should secure your data and control access to it. Jeff Hales
DF3117 - Enabling IT as a service broker with the Service Catalog
IT Service Management Supplier sprawl is a reality. Today’s IT departments work with more suppliers than ever, with contracts increasing in volume, complexity, and importance to the business. Business users expect IT to deliver the same consumer experience they enjoy in their private lives—one-stop shop for all services, independent of whether the services are delivered internally or by a supplier. At the same time, the business demands agility to integrate new value-added services, many of them available from very specialized suppliers. This session will offer guidance and best practices to help you transform the Service Catalog to an enabler of IT as a service broker.   Felix Fernandez
DF3499 - Engaging education: Smart learning through relevant content
Big Data, Printing and Personal Systems
Printing About 1.7 billion units are sold each year in the Trade Books segment; that equates to about 500 billion offset pages. Professional books are essentially required reading for individuals in various professions and trades, including business, law, and medicine. These books can carry a high retail value, with about 170 million volumes sold each year. In Higher Education, professors often combat rising textbook costs by tailoring content to their course outlines and lecture notes. However, assembling and printing customized course material consumes valuable faculty time. In addition, reprinting material can expose institutions to legal liability if copyrights are not carefully observed. Join us at this session to find out how professors can quickly and easily tailor content to fit a specific course outline and include lecture notes with comprehensive copyright clearance. Find out how students can benefit from relevant, current course materials and spend far less money on textbooks.   Udi Chatow
DF4030 - Enhancing your productivity with accessories
Mobility, Printing and Personal Systems
Business Personal Systems The traditional workforce environment is changing. Mobile accessories are adding new solutions to enhance productivity. Come to this session and discover how the HP portfolio of accessories enables you to get the best of both worlds—a portable “on the go” experience, as well as desktop “in the office” computing.   Leslie Leslie Behrend
DF3763 - Enterprise architect birds of a feather
Enterprise Group
Datacenter Solutions and Programs During a discussion led by HP’s own Enterprise Architecture team, you will share infrastructure planning best practices. This round table session will provide attendees with the valuable opportunity to meet and network with a small group of colleagues. You can exchange ideas and talk about key technology trends projected for the next five years.   Venkatesh Iyer
DF3582 - Get in sync: A discussion forum on Propel and Multi-Supplier Integration Services
Enterprise Services Sync up your front and back offices. Attend this demo of Propel software—your one-stop portal for HP Multi-Supplier Integration Services—and learn how this portal can help you manage your supply chain.  
DF4214 - HAVEn-based applications from HP partners
Big Data Leading HP partners have built and launched HAVEn-based applications to address Big Data market opportunities in Finance, IT Operations, Security Risk and Compliance, Customer Analytics, and Healthcare. Attend this discussion forum to see a leading partner demonstrate their HAVEn application and discuss the key use cases.  
DF4031 - Help define the future of business computing
Printing and Personal Systems The emergence of new chipsets, sensors, and HCI (human computer interface) is creating a renaissance in personal computing design. Join us at this discussion forum, hosted by HP’s award-winning global industrial design team, to find out how HP is redefining business computing. Provide your opinions on the future of computing and HCI.  
DF4011 - How'd they do that? Go behind the scenes with the experts who took data center automation to the next level with HP OneView
Enterprise Group, Software
Converged Systems, Cloud Management and Automation, IT Service Management, Information Optimization HP has rocked the world of automation/infrastructure management once again with the introduction of HP OneView. This converged management solution was designed to manage your entire converged infrastructure under a single interface. But how did we do that? Attend this session to hear directly from our product designers as they walk through the design process. You’ll learn the technical details behind how HP was able to create a solution that removes the hassle from data center management.
DF3556 - How partners help HP make hybrid cloud a reality
Cloud Clouds don’t exist in a vacuum—and neither do businesses. As hybrid clouds proliferate, the partner ecosystem must become more vibrant, diverse, and flexible. Join us at this session to hear how partners in the HP Cloud ecosystem help businesses of all sizes capitalize on the explosion of cloud implementations. Use cases range from development and testing to Big Data; from mobile applications and Web hosting to vertical solutions and big enterprise workloads. Learn how HP partnerships help customers achieve faster time to market, higher availability, and massive scale at a lower cost.   Sunil Chhabra
DF3565 - How to build cloud-optimized applications on OpenStack/HP Cloud OS
Enterprise Services Many enterprises try to shoehorn their apps into the cloud. Doing so is not only restrictive, but it will also lead to customer dissatisfaction with your applications in the cloud. During this session, we will present the best methods for “moving and optimizing” for the cloud. You’ll learn why you should only move apps that can benefit from this move, and why the move should be completed with priority and commitment.  
DF3558 - How to embark on your cloud journey? Start here!
Cloud Are you ready to transition to the cloud, but unsure about where to start or which applications to migrate first? Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on HP’s strategy for helping you on your cloud journey. In this session, you will learn how to start your cloud journey by following a step-by-step phased approach. You will see use cases and business scenarios of how customers have successfully moved to a private, public, or hybrid cloud deployment, while remaining in a traditional hosting environment. You will also discover key workload selection criteria, deployment scenarios, and benefits of different cloud models. And finally, you will receive assistance in defining your short-term and long-term cloud migration goals, as well as your overall cloud strategy.   Girish Sadigale
DF3496 - HP ART demo: See firsthand how to realize faster ROI by focusing on adoption
Application Lifecycle Management Once users have adopted new software and business processes, ROI can be difficult to discern. Come to this session to learn how the HP Adoption Readiness Tool (ART) can help accelerate the “Aha!” moment for software users—leading to increased software adoption. Participate in a demonstration and discussion about customizable, relevant, and targeted learning that will increase user engagement, create more productive users, and lead to better, brighter returns on your investment.   Susan Merriman
DF3977 - HP BladeSystem infrastructure futures
Enterprise Group
Converged Systems, Servers Join us for a high-level theoretical discussion on the HP BladeSystem infrastructure. We’ll talk about what you need for the next five years, and what you wish you had today. Jeff Carlat
Neil MacDonald
Gary Thome
DF3962 - HP CloudSystem: An integrated solution for private and hybrid clouds
Cloud HP CloudSystem is an industry-leading solution for building and managing cloud services in a private cloud or in a hybrid model that combines private, managed, and public clouds. Built on HP Cloud OS (which is based on OpenStack ® technology), HP CloudSystem is available as two software offerings—HP CloudSystem Foundation and HP CloudSystem Enterprise—as well as pre-integrated in HP ConvergedSystem solutions. During this interactive session, you will hear the experts’ views about the CloudSystem product portfolio, its architecture, and the capabilities of each HP CloudSystem offering. You will also explore HP CloudSystem from the perspective of three user roles: the cloud administrator, the service architect, and the service consumer.   Mark Hoerth
DF3992 - HP ConvergedSystem: Meet the original “Shark”. Your fastest path to virtualization.
Enterprise Group
Converged Systems What if we said you can get 243 percent better performance, 44 percent less time-to-production, and 58 percent lower three-year costs at a 25 percent lower entry price? It might sound too good to be true, but you can believe it. Meet the original “Shark” platform—HP ConvergedSystem 300 and 700 for Virtualization. The ultimate virtual machine, HP ConvergedSystem for Virtualization is purpose-built for next-generation automation. Using a set of repeatable building blocks, HP ConvergedSystem for Virtualization removes the guesswork from server, storage, and networking design choices. Join us at this session to learn how HP ConvergedSystem 300 and 700 for Virtualization can help accelerate your path to virtualization.  
DF3302 - HP Database and Middleware Automation (DMA) offers PaaS for hybrid cloud environments
Cloud Management and Automation Hybrid clouds are transforming the way you do business. One way you can automate deployment of business applications in the hybrid cloud is by following a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) approach. During this session, you will learn how DMA is being used to provide PaaS in hybrid cloud environments. Through actual customer use cases, you’ll explore deployment of multi-tier applications built on Oracle Database and Java EE–WebLogic and WebSphere Application Server technologies. You’ll also see a live demo of the solution in action.   Mark Smith
Sanjay Bhatnagar
Nimish Shelat
DF3607 - HP IT Asset Management and Configuration Management System discussion forum
IT Service Management Join experts from HP for an in-depth discussion of IT Asset Management and Configuration Management System. Learn how HP Universal Discovery can ensure higher-quality data within your Software Asset Management environment. Doron Orbach
Micheal Grainge
Brian Miller
DF3752 - HP Mobile Printing: Rapidly removing barriers to mobile print
Printing and Personal Systems
Business Personal Systems, Printing If you have evaluated mobile printing in the past, you might have determined that it was too difficult to support users and their wide range of mobile devices and platforms. Now it’s time to look again. HP has enabled more than one billion mobile devices with print capabilities embedded as part of the operating system. Let us show you how to allow BYOD access to your networked printers, using whatever security and manageability features you want. HP has delivered more than 49 million mobile-enabled printers, plus another 40 million that can be upgraded with inexpensive mobile print accessories, plus cloud solutions for anytime, anywhere access to any brand printer and HP public print locations. With the growing use of mobile devices—especially in the Legal, Hospitality, Manufacturing, and Education industries—the time is now to see how HP is creating new possibilities by connecting mobile devices and printers. Alex Liff
Sandra Schneider
DF3782 - HP NonStop in the explosive world of mobile and wireless networks
Enterprise Group
Servers Ever since cellular telephony hit the market, NonStop has been an integral part of mobile and wireless networks. Today, these networks are going through a period of unprecedented change. Join us for a discussion on how NonStop powers mobile networks, advances technologies like LTE, and helps communications service providers deal with mergers and acquisitions and accelerate changes in technology and business models. Rene Champagne
DF3851 - HP Object-based Storage Solutions for unstructured data and Big Data
Enterprise Group
Servers The world is inundated with digital data gathered from the Internet and Web 2.0. Adding to the volumes is data that used to be collected on paper or media (i.e., film, DVDs, and compact discs) which is now stored online. Most of this data is unstructured and in diverse formats such as email, instant messages, documents, spreadsheets, graphics, images, audio, and videos. For storage managers, the growth in unstructured data is creating quite a challenge: Companies need the data to be readily accessible for business, regulatory, and compliance needs, but traditional file storage management systems such as NAS are proving to be both costly and inadequate. In this discussion forum, you will learn what object-based storage is all about, and how it compares to traditional enterprise-class storage subsystems such as NAS.
DF3606 - HP Service Manager discussion forum
IT Service Management Join experts from HP for an in-depth discussion on IT Service Management. Learn how you can reduce the number of service desk tickets by using connected intelligence.   Michael Pott
Chuck Darst
DF3820 - HP SureSupply Auto-Delivery: The easiest way to manage your printer fleet’s cartridges.
Printing and Personal Systems
Printing At this session, you’ll hear about HP’s new, industry-leading, automatic printer cartridge replenishment program—HP SureSupply Auto-Delivery. By the end of the session, you’ll understand why Auto-Delivery is the quickest and most convenient way to manage ink cartridges for the HP and non-HP printer fleets from your preferred reseller Steve Cottrell
DF2961 - HP’s way of building collaborative, agile development processes
Application Lifecycle Management, Quality and Performance Validation Like most companies, HP has faced challenges during the project development lifecycle. Learning from those challenges, HP built a collaborative, agile framework that enables us to increase productivity and efficiency, react faster to the field’s demands, and meet our business goals. Improving collaboration between all stakeholders is a key factor to assuring our success and allowing HP to continue to deliver high-quality solutions. During this session, you will see how HP uses agility to improve every step of the product development process.   Noy Bar
DF3520 - Hybrid cloud demonstration
Enterprise Services During this session, you’ll see a demonstration of the client portal capabilities that support Enterprise Cloud Services: Virtual Private Cloud and SaaS Accelerator. You’ll learn how to move workloads from public to private clouds.  
DF3768 - Hybrid cloud design, delivery, and support: Taking a workload’s journey to the New Style of IT
Enterprise Group
Technology Services Are you in the process of moving workloads to the public cloud, or getting ready to start? Attend this session to learn how you can take full advantage of HP’s Technology Services Consulting and Support offerings to accelerate your cloud implementation, mitigate risk, and operationalize delivery. You’ll discover how to optimize workloads by creating a detailed and flexible cloud design using comprehensive functional and core solution reference architectures. This process ensures the application of best practices, the practicality of standard technologies, and speedy implementation. Learn how partnering with HP provides a single source of support and accountability across your new hybrid cloud ecosystem—offering fast access to hybrid cloud experts, tools, and best practices. With HP at your side, you can maximize responsiveness to critical IT issues and meet the needs of your business.   Frank Sancho
Peter Gilis
DF3991 - If you have SAP HANA questions, we have SAP HANA answers
Big Data, Enterprise Group
Converged Systems Join us for an all-encompassing discussion on HP ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA®, where we will share questions, best practices, tips, and use cases. Tell us about your proposals for next-generation solutions. Now is the time to speak up and get the answers you need.  
DF3059 - Improve QA velocity by using development automation
Application Lifecycle Management In most organizations today, QA does not utilize development automation in their testing. In this session, you will learn how an HP R&D team uses Application Lifecycle Management lab management to increase QA automation.   Ady Magal
Talia Rogov
DF4037 - Innovative analytics: Making Big Data matter
Information Optimization Big Data is rapidly transforming IT. Your organization is constantly generating information in every format imaginable at warp speeds. To gain the greatest value from this data, you need to go beyond traditional analytics to provide new insights to the business. At this session, you will see powerful use cases that illustrate how various industries use innovative analytics in the area of Big Data to create true business value. You can use these best practices to spark ideas about deriving actionable intelligence from your organization’s data.   Jose Colon
DF4203 - Is your tablet dressed for success?
Mobility, Printing and Personal Systems Enterprise tablet usage is growing dramatically. HP makes it easy to choose the right tablet for business, by offering the thin, sleek, enterprise-class HP ElitePad. Join us at this session to learn how HP’s elegantly designed Smart Jacket and Accessories ecosystem turns this secure and manageable tablet into a total solution you can customize for your business—making the HP ElitePad the world's best-selling Microsoft Windows commercial tablet.  
DF3575 - IT at your service: Three key considerations for a world-class service desk
Enterprise Services Ultimately, IT’s value is based on how well it supports the user—and nowhere is that more evident than the service desk. There are three key considerations to keep in mind to create a world-class service desk. Come to this session to hear how HP accomplishes this goal on a daily basis.  
DF3762 - IT operations birds of a feather: Failing successfully
Enterprise Group
Datacenter Solutions and Programs This session is the perfect venue for executives who want to know what to do in an extraordinary situation. During a discussion led by HP’s own IT Ops team, you will share IT operations best practices. You will also explore the protocols that ensure reliable and repeatable interventions in a production environment.   Robert Crawford
DF4192 - Large-format printing in the enterprise
Printing and Personal Systems
Printing During this session, you will have a unique opportunity to learn how large-format printing has evolved to meet changing enterprise needs. The presentation will explore the needs large-format printers resolve, considerations on productivity and costs, and the latest news on enterprise connectivity and security features you expect from HP Designjet printers.   Xavier Juarez
DF3017 - Leverage SAP Solution Manager and HP testing solutions to reduce your overall testing effort
Application Transformation, Software
Application Lifecycle Management, IT Service Management, Quality and Performance Validation In this session, you will discover how to reduce the overall effort when testing SAP applications. Changes to your IT landscape—such as adding Support Packs and Enhancement Packs, and adopting new technologies like SAP Business Suite on SAP HANA—require you to repeatedly test business processes. You can dramatically reduce this effort by using a very tight integration of HP Quality Center with SAP Solution Manager. During this session, you will see how the Business Process Change Analyzer in SAP Solution Manager integrates with SAP Quality Center by HP to identify the manual and automated test cases you must execute for any of these change events.   Andreas Gloege
DF3078 - Linking strategy and execution in the real world
Big Data, Software
Big Data Analytics, IT Service Management, Project and Portfolio Management, End-to-end KPI management Within IT, strategy and execution are often divided by a great chasm. Where strategy can be considered disconnected from the realities of day-to-day operations, execution can be considered a loose cannon, choosing random targets. Join us at this session to find out how to make solid decisions based on enterprise portfolios. Learn how to enforce your decisions through best practices and state-of-the-art workflow engines. Discover how Marketure and best practices can link strategy and execution together in a meaningful way. Erik van Busschbach
Mahipal LUnia
DF3733 - Making sense of your Big Data with Vertica-as-a-Service
Enterprise Services If concerns about up-front costs and time-to-value are limiting your ability to harness Big Data, consider an as-a-service solution instead. Attend this session to see how HP Enterprise Services and Vertica bundled a real-time analytics solution that enables you to derive valuable insights, engage customers in context, and rapidly respond and scale to opportunities—without investing in software licenses and hardware. Get all the benefits of Big Data with minimal risk by using a cost-effective as-a-service model.  
DF3509 - Manage the customer experience so people believe in your brand—and buy more
Enterprise Services During this session, you’ll learn how to monitor the market for commentary about your products/services, “share of voice,” or size of Social Media mentions attributed to your brand vs. your peers’ brands. You’ll find out how to identify weaknesses and opportunities for further action. You’ll discover how to resolve real service issues in human and self-service channels. And of course, you’ll get insights on which potential customers to acquire, and which existing customers to retain and develop.  
DF3535 - Managing printing workflow and security in a small work team environment
Printing and Personal Systems
Printing Small work teams—in small/midsize businesses or in decentralized enterprises—face increasingly complex security and workflow management issues in their mobile/distributed office environments. HP follows a holistic approach to this problem—offering integrated enterprise-level security and workflow capabilities in some of its next-generation inkjet solutions. Join us at this session to discuss this topic, and learn about an office printing infrastructure that offers optimal balance between secured printing and high-efficiency workflows.  
DF3732 - Managing security across your printing fleet
Printing and Personal Systems
Printing, Business Personal Systems At this session, you will learn how to easily manage your printer fleet, maintain compliance with business print and security guidelines, and reduce fleet deployment times by up to 50 percent. You will discover how to optimize device deployment and maximize asset utilization, while also gaining control of all devices across your headquarters, branch, and teleworker locations.   Michael Howard
DF3299 - Managing SOA architecture in a complex IT environment
Cloud Management and Automation Participate in this session and learn about HP's service-oriented architecture (SOA) Systinet platform, as deployed within a complex IT environment. See how a HP customer benefited from HP Systinet—from managing service components to creating, enforcing, and managing solution lifecycles.   Ivan Kudibal
Miroslav Malecha
Vladimir Dubsky
DF3352 - Managing your cloud environment with business service management (BSM)
Business Service Management Modern cloud platforms enable rapid modeling, definition, and deployment of new services. When business revenues rely on cloud platforms to deliver high service-level performance, powerful service-oriented management must be deployed. Attend this session and learn how an integrated management solution will help you gain insight into new services. You’ll also discover how to use automation to quickly deploy and activate new IT management capabilities.   Ian Bromehead
DF3958 - Maximizing the value of your Microsoft mobility and collaboration investments
Enterprise Group
Technology Services Countless organizations have invested in Microsoft System Center, VDI, Lync, and application virtualization to improve their mobility and collaboration capabilities. However, most of these companies are not yet taking full advantage of the functionality these solutions offer. Join us to learn how HP Technology Services has helped a wide range of customers review their current Microsoft licenses in terms of their future strategies, and how to derive greater value from their investments. Find out which capabilities your organization can leverage, and how.   Ross Sorensen
DF3829 - Measuring and tuning HP 3PAR StoreServ
Enterprise Group
Storage Taking to heart the adage "you can't manage or improve what you don't measure," HP 3PAR StoreServ provides extensive real-time and historical measurements for hardware components and software constructs. Join us at this session to learn how you can effectively track down performance bottlenecks, manage quality of service, and provide reports for customers and management.  
DF3996 - Meet the experts behind the innovative HP ConvergedSystem 100 for Hosted Desktops
Enterprise Group
Converged Systems Join us at this session to meet the creative thinkers who can help you reduce desktop complexity and speed deployment of end-user computing for your work force with HP ConvergedSystem 100 for Hosted Desktops. Get answers to your questions from the experts at Citrix, HP, and our partners/resellers.  
DF3389 - Mini-theater: Executive Scorecard analytics and key performance indicator demo
End-to-end KPI management During this session, we'll follow a discussion-forum format to explore the latest version of the HP Executive Scorecard. Through in-depth questions and answers, you’ll discover how to find the information you need to make better business decisions.   Mark Bradley
DF3970 - Mobile design: How to delight your users
Mobile Application Development Do you face the challenge of delivering mobile apps? If so, you know how critical user experience can be to your success. The difference between a one-star experience and a five-star experience often comes down to one thing—design. Join this discussion to learn how you can create a five-star experience for your users.  
DF3534 - Mobile printing for today’s businesses
Printing and Personal Systems
Printing As the mobile workforce grows—and mobile devices become more prevalent in the workplace—office printing infrastructure must evolve to optimize productivity. HP inkjet solutions offer built-in mobile capabilities designed for today’s businesses—secure, flexible, manageable, and designed to deliver an industry-leading user experience. Join us at this session to see the latest developments in mobile printing, and discover how they can transform your workplace.     Albert Ju
DF4022 - Mobile security: The good, the bad, and the way forward
Security, Software
Security Your workforce is increasingly mobile. Do you have a plan for supporting your workers’ mobility needs, while also securing your data? Join us at this session to learn about mobility security strategies for today’s enterprises, and the security controls you need to protect your corporate data and assets. You’ll also learn about the HP Technology Consulting best practices for mobility security, and explore a reference architecture for enterprise-level secure mobility.   Jan De Clercq
DF3760 - Network Functions Virtualization experience exchange
Enterprise Group
Datacenter Solutions and Programs During the last two years, few initiatives in the Telco industry have created a stir like Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). If you are a communications service provider (CSP), and you have not yet initiated/completed a proof of concept, this is your chance to engage with peers, an industry analyst, ETSI ISG working group leaders, and HP partners who understand how to help you plan your next NFV engagement. Designed to be highly interactive, this action-packed session will include room for dialog exchange between attendees considering an NFV trial, and those who have trials already in process. Discussion topics will include—but will not be limited to—point of view on which applications to virtualize first (CPE, DPI, orchestration, EPC, etc.); virtualization benefits use cases; scalability and security considerations; and the importance of management and orchestration. Space is limited, so reserve your seat now.   Julia Ochinero
DF4183 - Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) experience exchange
Enterprise Group
Networking Over the last two years, few initiatives in the Telco industry have created a stir like Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). If you are a communication service provider (CSP), and you have not yet initiated/completed a proof of concept, here is your chance to engage with peers, an industry analyst, ETSI Industry Specification Group working group leaders, and HP partners to better understand how you can plan your next NFV engagement. Designed to be highly interactive, this action-packed session will include time for dialog exchange between attendees considering an NFV trial, and those who have trials already in motion. Discussion topics will include a point of view on which applications you should virtualize first, such as CPE, DPI, Orchestration, EPC, and more; virtualization benefit use cases; scalability and security considerations; and the importance of management and orchestration. Space is limited, so reserve your seat now.   Julia Ochinero
DF3353 - Network Performance monitoring and alerting with HP Network Management Center (NMC)
Business Service Management During this “micro-forum" session, you will participate in and permit an interactive discussion about NMC network performance management solutions. Customers will provide feedback to NMC product managers and product marketing in an informal atmosphere.   Brian Kaplan
Tyler Peterson
DF3297 - NEW! HP Operations Orchestration Community Edition
Cloud Management and Automation Attend this session and hear the latest and greatest news on HP Operations Orchestration (OO). Whether you are new to HP OO or a long-time user, you’ll appreciate the exciting updates and content releases that can help you move to the next level of automation maturity. With HP OO, you can automate IT tasks, processes, and/or service delivery. Download HP OO Community Edition, and find out what the solution has to offer.   Vikram Matharoo
Ravi Srinivasan
DF4122 - New HP Workstation options
Enterprise Group, Printing and Personal Systems
Servers, Business Personal Systems Join this session to learn about implementing dynamic, high performance graphics on new workstation platforms. Details will be posted soon. Larry Mahoney
DF4038 - Next-generation data management in the era of Big Data
Information Optimization Data is growing at a frenetic pace in various formats—both structured and unstructured—making it nearly impossible to effectively discover, retrieve, and reuse trusted information. This “information overload” not only inhibits your ability to control costs, but also increases the risk from legacy applications and “dark data.” Join our discussion forum to talk about best practices for reducing and governing your data volumes. Find out how to perform enhanced analytics to leverage your enterprise data.   John Edison
DF3498 - Not your mother's advertising: Driving consumer relevance and advertiser value in consumer magazine publishing
Printing and Personal Systems
Printing More than 188 million American adults read print magazines. Here are some interesting facts: • The average U.S. consumer reads 6.1 different print magazine titles. • 87 percent of the people interested in reading magazines on a digital device still want a printed copy. • 75 percent of consumers feel that digital content complements print, yet only 25 percent feel digital output could replace print. Join us at this session and find out how you can take the best aspects of digital content and deliver them through the proven tactile execution of print publishers. Discover how publishers can integrate relevant content to create stronger customer engagement and help advertisers build consumer loyalty.   David Murphy
Doris Brown-McNally
DF3351 - Obtain measurable, maximized value from business service management (BSM)
Business Service Management A primary step along your journey to BSM is understanding how to extract measurable value—from initial solution design through complete implementation. In this forum, you’ll discover proven key performance indicators and methods you can use with confidence to deliver on the promise of BSM.   Pablo Macaya
Monica Benjamin
Patrice Chorot
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